Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The shocking moment an eighteen-year-old father abandons his two-week-old baby son in a mall parking lot and drives away

The little boy was born to parents Daniel Mitchell and Kalon Mitchell  A father was arrested Monday afternoon after he was ...

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What DO you see? Scientists reveal stunning optical illusions that reveal the hidden workings of the brain

Visual illusions show us that we do not have direct access to reality. They can also provide an inkling of the mental processing that deli...

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Belligerent teacher gets detained and schooled after refusing to tell ICE if she’s a US citizen at checkpoint

Bell Middle School teacher Shane Parmely was detained for over an hour by Border Patrol agents at a checkpoint in New Mexico because s...

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Man hilariously live tweets customer's fight to return butternut squash he thought was cheese (14 Pics)

Returning an accidental purchase can be a frustrating endeavor. But this man's return attempt just might be one of the most unbe...

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'Telling him "lol no one likes you" was the last straw': President Trump blocks Chrissy Teigen on Twitter (21 Pics)

Take a bow, Chrissy Teigen. You’ve finally pissed off President Donald Trump to the point that he has blocked you on Twitter. Teigen, of...

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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Horrified Uber passenger films 'intoxicated prostitute in the front seat performing oral sex on driver - and all company did was offer $10 credit' (13 Pics)

An Uber passenger filmed his driver 'receiving oral sex from a prostitute' as he drove his fare home. The horrified customer ...

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