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Cinderella City Mall Before & After (27 Pics)

Cinderella City Mall was a large shopping center located in Englewood, Colorado, United States. The mall was officially opened for business on March 7, 1968 and through the early 1970s, business was spectacular at Cinderella City. It was said that over 15,000 people visited the mall daily… During a routine structural inspection, workers found cracking on a pillar in the JCPenney store on the mall’s north side. Fearing a structural failure, they checked other places for similar fractures, and found the massive parking deck was also becoming unsafe. The mall closed for over two months for structural repairs… Cinder Alley’s collection of oddball stores and head shops were forced out during renovations, leaving it empty except for two arcades. It was a semi-abandoned mall for most of the 1990s before being abolished in 1999. 

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