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Dive into the Underwater Museum of the Black Sea (21 Pics)

An art museum off the coast of Crimea never has to worry too much about becoming packed during high-season... because visitors need to scuba dive to gain entry. 

The museum, which is called the 'Alley of Leaders' was founded in 1992 at Cape Tarhankut by professional diver Vladimir Broumenskyy from Donetsk in the Ukraine.
He brought several broken statues that had been torn down during the fall of the Soviet Union to the site and dropped them into the sea. 

Since then, the museum has continued to grow as other divers bring sculptures to add to the collection, which take on an ethereal aura as they age on the seabed. 

It now features various busts, including Communist heroes including Lenin, Stalin and Marx as well as a boat, the Eiffel Tower and London's Tower Bridge, among others.

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