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Guy Found Hitler’s Secret French Bunker (31 Pics)

Urban explorer and photographer Marc Askat braved the hunting season to walk through the thick wooded countryside in northern France. He was searching for a new subject for photographs and stumbled upon what is believed to be one of Adolf Hitler’s last bunkers— a place where the Nazi leader plotted the invasion of Britain.
The eerie underground stronghold is filled with stories from one of the most devastating wars in human history, but despite finding and photographing the bunker, Askat won’t reveal its exact location. It turns out he has a very good reason for keeping Hitler’s underground bunker location a secret from the public.

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  1. ...better get in touch w/ HGTV for a remodelling!
    After that Master Chef can host a party in the remodelled bunker!
    And then the Real Housewives can spend the week-end there...
    Plus, the place can host a venue of weddings afterwards...televised for the dumbed-down masses!