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Angry protests erupt at 'racist' Brooklyn bar that serves 40 ounces of rose wine in paper bags and brags about its 'genuine' bullet holes in the wall (18 Pics)

Dozens of protesters turned out in Brooklyn on Saturday to slam the decor of their neighborhood’s newest restaurant.

The owner of Summerhill, who promoted her Crown Heights business by hyping bogus “bullet holes” in the walls and a sketchy past as an illegal gun outlet, was inundated with demonstrators eager to defend their neighborhood.

“That’s not what the neighborhood needs,” said lifelong Crown Heights resident Ayanna Prescott, 30. “The neighborhood needs child care. It needs schools.

“And a ‘boozy sandwich shop’ with fake bullet holes is totally disconnected.”
The crowd of about 100 people choked the sidewalk outside the restaurant and chanted “Bye bye, Becky!” at owner Becca Brenna — who did not appear, but issued her second apology of the week.

“I deeply apologize for any offense that my recent comments might have caused,” read a statement from Brennan. “I did not intend to be insensitive to anyone in the neighborhood, and I am sorry that my words caused pain.

“I made light of serious issues and that was wrong.”
A press release for the bar featured  this 'bullet hole-ridden wall' which was supposedly part of a 'rumored backroom illegal gun shop' in the past. In fact the wall was just damaged

Brennan, a former attorney and native of Canada, described her use of “bullet hole” wall for marketing as “cheeky,” and also announced plans to serve a 40-ounce bottle of wine in paper bags. She has since admitted the holes weren’t from bullets.

Angry residents responded by hanging signs on lamp posts and trees denouncing Summerhill.

“This is what gentrification looks like,” some of the signs read.

Customers are pictured on the bar's Instagram with a bottle of the Forty Ounce Rose . The owner even suggested the bottles could come in paper bags  

Protester Justine Stephens, 25, moved to Crown Heights two years ago. She’s eager to share a “productive discussion” with Brennan about her comments, but held back tears as she spoke to the crowd.

“People from my culture used to sit on the corner and drink, and they’re trying to profitize that,” she said. “And that is their marketing. It’s not cheeky. It’s offensive.”

Judith Lovell, a Crown Heights resident for more than a half-century, said Brennan failed to consider the impact of her “marketing” on the neighborhood.
The owner posted an Instagram photo of the 40 ounce wine bottle on the bicycle of one of her barmaids

Owner Becca Brennan posted a statement justifying to the Instagram account and insist that she will do more to listen to the local community

Joanna Reynolds posted the link to the bar's Yelp reviews and told people to boycott Summerhill for 'blatant racism'

On Instagram, Shanaya Amoy commented: 'Get out. We don't want you in our community. You are a culture vulture and you are not welcomed here. Your business will fail because you have disrespected the entire community. No one wants you here and we will not stop protecting until you shut down and go back to wherever you came from'

'This was even more of an insult by not seeing the wrongs in what you have done . No apology no nothing . You and anyone else who dares to support this place is disgusting,' added another user

Brennan was blasted by this user for not showing up to talk with protesters

“Go out to the community,” she advised. “Find out what the needs are. This is not funny. People are dying every day. It’s absolutely terrible. And that’s why we’re gathered here today.”

Store owner Tracy Reid, who opened her business 18 years ago, applauded the arrival of a new restaurant before unloading on its owner.

“When you’re using the challenges we have as a community to mimic us ... (that) is very distasteful to the human experience,” Reid said.

Local resident Jamal Mohammad, 29, was far less outraged about the restaurant than the protesters.

But he recalled three shootings on Bergen Ave. last year — and didn’t remember seeing any of the Summerhill clientele at the crime scenes.

“I saw none of these organic, gluten-free guys,” said Mohammad. “What’s bad for the community is gun violence.”


  1. But, they love the lies from the fake news outlets.
    Nothing they claim is true.
    They are not good people, like all mega cities they too are fake.
    Bar owner being shamed, why. Brooklyn and all of nyc is notorious for gangs
    since damn near forever. There is a truth in her advertising. The
    holes may be fake. But, the other is absolutely True.
    Idiots do not even know their own history.
    They all need to be ashamed of themselves.

  2. In Portland, they call that 'cultural appropriation'!

  3. Just 'cause you're offended doesn't mean you're right.

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