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Can YOU pass the intelligence test that's sweeping Facebook? Only one in 1,000 people can come up with two different but correct answers to this seemingly simple maths challenge

Think your maths is up to scratch? You might want to peruse the below test and think again.

A bizarre intelligence test, which involves adding up a sequence of numbers, is sweeping the internet - and leaving users dumbfounded in the process.

The test, created by Go Tumble and shared on Wikr, asks users to 'think outside the box' by working out two different but correct answers to a series of equations.

Makers write: 'Firstly, think outside the box! This maths riddle is not that simple. Even though there’s usually one right answer for maths problems, two common solutions are causing heated debates all over the world.'

The makers say that only one in 1,000 people can figure out the second possible answer to the test, so can you?

The makers explain that most people will begin by adding 1 + 4 to reach the answer 5.

Then they'll add 2 + 5 to the sum of 5 to get an answer of 12.
The majority of users will use the same process in the next line, adding 3 + 6 to get 9, then add nine to the sum in the equation above (12) to reach the figure 21.

In the last stage, they will add 8 + 11 to get 19, before adding it to the sum of the previous line (21) to get 40.

While makers say that 40 is a widely accepted and correct answer, there's another answer - and only a select few will reach it.

While makers say that, of course, 1 + 4 = 5, intelligent people will get the answer by adding 1 to 4 x 1.

Using that formula, they'll add 2 to 2 x 5 to get 12.
They'll then add 3 to 6 x 3 to get 21.

And to reach the final and alternate answer, they'll add 8 to 11 x 8 to get 96.


  1. I wasn't one of those who got it.

  2. It's easy enough, and I'm no genius.
    Solution no.2 took maybe 30 seconds.

  3. Are the so called intelligent people tripping on acid and imagining multiplication signs?

  4. I have to agree with you...and I've always been really good with math.

    This math "puzzle" ...at least the proposed "solution 2" is not a math solution.

    Hell, the math problem isn't a math problem because 2+5 does not equal 12 (the other 2 don't work either)

    I love doing math puzzles. I have quite a lot of "math puzzle" books here that I've gone through over the years.

    That first solution works because all the numbers and everything is included in what you are given. The second solution is not a solution because you have to add in things that are not part of the equations!

    Those so-called intelligent people who are finding this "solution 2" are not nearly as intelligent as they think they are!

  5. This was panther recognizing, not math.
    It took me some seconds.

    I give you one, 5+(3x4)=

    the correct one is 17
    And this isnt an math test, nor an IQ, its fundamentals, that should be hammered in when attended to 3 graders already, the math teaching is as much an never ending road of repeating the same simple level, either postponed it to later, and then intensify it, better stocked that way.
    Math is art, more than science to me.