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Concealed carry permit holder fires gun amid Chicago carjacking. Locals displeased with gun owner.

 A woman chases after her SUV after it was carjacked in Chicago last week. The woman is a concealed carry permit holder and fired her gun during the incident. No one was reported injured, but residents aren't happy with the victim.

A 41-year-old woman was driving in Chicago last week when her vehicle was bumped from behind.
Surveillance video shows the woman had pulled over and was looking at the bumper of her red SUV while two men rush to her car.
One of them jumps into her SUV and pulls away while the other guy, who couldn’t get the passenger door open, runs away.
But this wasn’t your average carjacking victim. The woman is a concealed carry permit holder, and she opened fire during last Wednesday’s incident, police told WMAQ-TV.

There was no report of anyone injured, but nearby residents weren’t happy with gun owner — who told police she saw a male hiding behind a garbage can, the station said.
A witness, named only as “Amy,” told the station the woman opened fire after her vehicle was “long gone.”
“I saw a woman in a firing stance, and I heard her say, ‘Show your hands,'” the witness told the station. “And then there were two more pops.”
The unidentified witness added, “Her car was long gone before she started firing” and that someone “could have been killed. My neighbor’s kids were outside playing.”
Bridget Soldan told WMAQ she saw “this girl in, like, this bright yellow blazer pointing a gun into the alley” and said that the woman was “screaming” and “running around the street.”
Witnesses questioned the wisdom of the gun owner firing it a half block away from a park where kids are around and people are coming home from work and riding their bikes.
“If she was truly protecting herself, I suppose she had a right,” a father who went only by James told the station. “But any time a gun is discharged by someone who is not a professional, it’s definitely concerning.”
An investigation was ongoing last Friday, WMAQ added.


  1. If you've got it, pack it, and use it when necessary.
    & to the residents who tolerate more death and shootings in Chicago than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined, I say,..."too bad...!"
    You'll complain when this woman exercised her Constitutional Right, but you're very quiet on the violence overall in your crappy, crime-ridden, drug and gang-infested city..!
    How many were shot this past week-end? How many died? More than in the Middle East for that same time period? You got that right...

  2. ...yes...the 100 shootings over the 4th of July in Chicago were done by professionals. What a group of asinine idiots.
    RJ O'Guillory

  3. Person with CCW has a choice of finding cell phone, dialing 911, and waiting 10 minutes to an hour for police or drawing a Colt 1911 in seconds.

    I wish gun-control advocates would wear distinctive clothing so CCW holders will know never to come to their defense when a criminal is beating the hell out of them. Maybe a miniature tombstone?

  4. Chicago: Water fluoridation for 60+ years!

  5. Double dose of it & lithium as well ??

  6. Local ?? Humm don't need to specify what kind of LOCALS ??

  7. To bad she didn't clip the driver...