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Feminist Blogger Says You Should Be 'Disturbed' By A Woman With 11 Children: '11 Cats Is Too Many F***ing Cats!'

On Thursday, feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte unleashed her powerful, superior intellect on the problem of having children. She explained via Twitter:

You see? Children are like cats, and Christian children are the most like cats, since they’re useless Jesus-creatures, ensconced in their ignorance and their funny Bible talk.
The moral idiocy necessary to compare children to cats, and then the Christianphobia evidenced by these tweets is truly astonishing. Imagine if somebody had said to Marcotte that Muslim children merely provide the fodder for fundamentalist societies in which women are repressed. Would she go along with that notion? Or would she rightly suggest that such notions are disgusting?
But Marcotte’s notion that babies are like kittens seems to be picking up ground on the Left. According to researchers at Georgia Regents University and Cape Fear Community College, 40% of participants in a poll stated they would save their dog rather than a foreign stranger. In San Francisco, 16.8% of the population has a cat, 25.4% have a dog, and just 18.7% have a child; in Seattle, those numbers are 29.5%, 25.2%, and 19.7%. The preference for pets over children is growing among leftists, not declining.
That’s good news for conservatives, at least in one sense: if Marcotte is right that Christians who have children produce future conservative voters, leftists are in some serious demographic trouble.


  1. That woman is fighting the depopulation agenda by reproducing as quickly as possible!

    All hail Alex Jones and his anti-NWO crusade!!

  2. Guess how this bitter Harpy will end up ........ with a shopping cart and ELEVEN CATS>

  3. What happened to its her body....................................

  4. Celine Dion was the youngest of fourteen children. Feminist blogger Amanda Marcotte is a fool. Oh, and I hope she has kittens, lots, when she reads this...

  5. Eleven children are rather a lot, even if she lives in a shoe. But they will be easier to care for than eleven cats. Children can help to look after each other. Cats expect to be waited on hand and paw, because they are much more important than children.

  6. go watch this movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0387808/?ref_=nv_sr_1
    it will explain everything about having kids