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Hawaii-Themed Restaurant Forced to Close After Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

Cloud Davidson told the Corvallis Gazette-Times that he trekked to Hawaii every summer when he was a kid, as his uncle, aunt and cousins lived on the big island — and Hapuna Beach was down the street.
Thus the name of Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar & Kitchen, which Davidson opened in downtown Corvallis, Oregon, on June 22, the paper said.
“A lot of this has to do with family,” he told the Gazette-Times. “That was a big part of my childhood.”
But it turns out Davidson’s Tiki bar would have a very short life.

Local residents of Polynesian descent — including folks with the Oregon State University Asian and Pacific Cultural Center — didn’t like Hapuna Kahuna’s Hawaiian name, cartoonish Tiki decorations and that customers were handed plastic leis, Davidson told the paper.
In other words, cultural appropriation.
“I unintentionally made a mistake and I’m very sorry,” Davidson told the Gazette-Times on Friday, adding that he planned on closing up shop Sunday, getting rid of all Tiki decorations and reopening Sunday night as a simple extension to the adjacent bar Davidson also owns.
“I’m very sympathetic to the issues that were brought up to me,” he told the paper. “And I’m not for a moment going to tell a person of color that they’re wrong for how they feel.”
But Davidson also told the paper some Hawaiians and other Polynesians enjoyed his Hapuna Kahuna Tiki Bar & Kitchen and wanted it to stay open.
More from the Gazette-Times:
A local Facebook forum also had numerous comments about the situation, including questions of whether it was appropriate for chefs to cook ethnic food that wasn’t from their ancestry, such as a Korean chef running a sushi joint, since the cuisine is Japanese; discussion on the origins of Tiki “culture” as an inauthentic fantasy mashup of tropical influences, and how there are Tiki bars in Hawaii; and comments on the evolution of Hawaiian cuisine to include items from numerous cultures, including those of Asian and Western countries.
The paper said Davidson also penned an apologetic Facebook post in which he noted, “With a heavy heart I have to admit I made a huge mistake with the Tiki bar. The community has spoken and I now understand that the Tiki bar is a form of cultural appropriation. This is not okay, and I am more than happy to change.”
“I am so very sorry that I offended anyone, as that was never my intention,” he added, the Gazette-Times said. “I feel awful about all of it.”


  1. Grovel a little more, why don't you? What's the matter with you people? Cultural appropriation? What PC crap. Does every Italian pizza joint in America have to have a Sicilian chef? Every Thai food bar a native Thai owner? Every Chinese restaurant a Peking chef with only a genuine Chinese menu? No hot dogs or grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids or that will be American appropriation, right? I swear this country has gone nuts. Maybe if Yellowstone blows it will a good thing.

  2. South Americans in Brooklyn should not make pizza, that would be cultural appropriation ;)

  3. Walk into a florida italian joint....mexicans in the kitchen

    Walk into a chinese joint....mexicans in kitchen

    This guy is a politically correct puzzy.

  4. What you don't like my restaurant ?? then F.O. and leave go eat at McDonalds but get the hell off my property ....morons...

  5. I hope all the complainers and whiners are forever barred from Disney parks, also Outback steakhouses, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway Sandwich Shops, any Irish Bar, Red Lobster, Dollywood, Arthur Treacher's Fish n'Chips, any strip club or Gentlemen's Club, Victoria's Secret, and so on until the workers, cooks and servers are vetted. As to Victoria's Secret, the sales girls must show their undergarments on demand.

  6. Liberals want to make you feel guilty for not being "multi-cultural" enough, but deep down they know that they need sterile, bland people working to pay taxes that will keep their narcissistic fantasies alive. That is why they want you to feel bad about not being "diverse" enough, but they don't actually want you to enjoy the art, music and food of other cultures.

    Everything they do makes sense once you realize, they only want you to feel guilty, they don't want you to change. Ultimately the only "culture" they support is the culture of guilt.

  7. No NON-Whites can wear shoes, ride in cars, eat hamburgers, These people are MENTALLY ILL.
    This is their "melting pot"?

  8. How 'bout, if they don't like the place, they go someplace else? Groveling only encourages them. Maybe he can open a "Leftist Place". Free whine every Friday. What about OUR rights? I'd tell them to go piss up a rope.

  9. Oregon has now gone totally insane with this......since when do you have to have an authentic chef cooking in your restaurant's kitchen? Answer: You don't. Whoever started the movement against this guy sure had a hard on for him to close his business. I'll bet it was a rival restaurant owner who started this all up....The guy already had bar and just expanded his businsss.....nothing more. But some idiotic libturd found it wrong and had his way.....and won.

  10. Sounds reasonable (apology & closing shop). Hope victims are appreciative?

  11. This guy may as well go get castrated. Way to go CUCK!!!

  12. well, he should have done what the freaks on the left do,.. just claim to be something he's not and that will make it all better.. waves magic wand and poof, he's Hawaiian because he says so! game, set and match!

  13. Hawaii has been annexed since 1893 by the United States. These are now 124 years on July 7th. Who speaks about the Crimea, must also speak about Hawaii. Freedom and independence for Hawaii. http://smopo.ch/mr-president-trump-give-hawaii-back-sovereignty-freedom/

  14. More PC crap phraseology; what's the difference between 'appropriation' and 'confiscation'?
    Or how about the difference between boneless and spineless?
    Run a DNA test on the Pacific Islanders, and see how close they are to one another; even parts of their cultures overlap and have the same names for points of origin!
    Nowadays on the Pacific Rim, a lot of Pac Islanders are getting heavy into hip hop / gangsta rap, which has erased their seagoing culture and knowledge of how to live on the islands!
    They can adopt the gangsta crap out of Chicago, L.A., Detroit, Miami, etc. but just let a third party adopt the best facets of their island life and culture, and it's 'appropriation'.
    There were complaints about the Disney World Pacific theme as being 'appropriated'. Rather than get upset and nasty, several Maoris and Samoans approached the park and offered to make it totally authentic, which it now is. Hence, these folks saw an opportunity to accurately spread and further their culture, and did so in great detail and dedication!
    & yet, others whine about having been...APPROPRIATED!!!! while turning their back on their own rich and unique island culture of the Pacific in favour of that which mimics and encourages criminal behaviours.

  15. Actually, it was a BLACK man (one Jan Ernst Matzeliger) who first made the mass-production of shoes a reality.

    I agree with you, though, this is getting utterly absurd!!!

    I mean, what's next, `Baked Alaska` must only get prepared by a chef from the 49th state, or `Philly Cheese Steaks` by someone from the city of brotherly love?


  16. Yeah talk about being a spineless punk. If he had any balls he would tell them to go f*uck themselves with a coconut.

  17. This guy is literally insane! He is a lover of Hawaii!!! Wtf? Tell those people of color to move to Borneo or wherever they want to. This is truly a dark foreboding development. I can't believe this guy caved.

  18. Everything is racist these days. F*ck them and their PC bullsh*t.
    Don't like it here? Get the f*ck out of Europe and the USA, and go back to your sh*tholes.