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How many triangles can YOU see? Baffling brainteaser leaves the Internet scratching its head

A seemingly simple new brainteaser that asks users to calculate the number of triangles in a picture is leaving the internet baffled.

The simple drawing, which was created by Kumar Ankit on quora.com and has been shared hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook, shows a simple sketch, and asks users to calculate how many triangles it contains.

The internet has been left dumbfounded by the simple question - with answers ranging from 4 to 44.

So can you figure out the correct answer?

 Men and women have taken to the comments section in their droves to share their calculations - and they're very varied.

The correct answer is actually 25. There are 24 contained within the main triangle, as well as a sneaky one in the artist's signature.

If you're scratching your head too, it's simple to work out once you know the strategy.
There are six in the top row - three individuals, two pairs, and one triangle made up of all three. 

Then there are six in second row, six in the third row and six in the fourth row using the same strategy.
There's also a triangle in the signature, in the 'A'.

Martin Silvertant, a mathematician, created a simple diagram to illustrate how he reached 25. 

Some users point out that you could also include the word 'triangles' to reach an answer of 26. 

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