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Meet the First Family of Micronation Molossia (38 Pics)

40-year 'dictator,' President Kevin Baugh, rules over 33 citizens (including dogs) of the micronation he established, complete with its own rules, border control, traditions and currency

'Benevolent dictator': Kevin Baugh came up with the idea of forming a micronation with a high school friend in 1977 and is now the President of Molossia

The happy couple:  Baugh and his wife, First Lady Adrianne, enjoy showing around visiting tourists

Border line: While Baugh, center, and his wife and daughter geographically live in Nevada, Molossia is a self-declared sovereign country that is not officially recognized by the legitimate governments of the world

Baugh dresses in a custom uniform for events such as parades, wearing a sash in the colors of the country's flag, as well as medals, because he believes a proper dictator has to have the 'right look'

Tours of Molossia last around two hours; the micronation  has already hosted 109 visitors this year but Baugh is hoping to surpass 200 to compete with the tiny Pacific nation of Nauru, which is the least visited country in the world

Main Street: Visitors are shown around the different Molossian buildings, from a post office and trading company to a tiki bar and grill and governor's house

Visitors to Molossia can get their passports stamped by the micronation's very own customs department

Molossia's First Lady Adrianne says that sometimes the parents of her children's friends will write up passports to let them spend the night in the micronation

Molossia is just one of many micronationsa cross the globe which have populations ranging from a few thousand to more than 25,000 whose inhabitants come together and establish their own governing rules.

President Baugh has spent years constructing various buildings on the property and says he would like to add a railroad and continue expanding his micronation

From one micronation to another: President Baugh poses with Gennedy Stoylyarov II, left, a Baron of the micronation of Sealand off the coast of England

Welcome, friends! President Baugh enjoys sharing stories of Molossia and its rules and attends conferences with the leaders of other micronations

Decorated: Baugh wears a variety of medals, most of which he awarded to himself

The territory of Molossia includes five acres in both Northern and Southern California, but most of its dealings occur on the country’s home territory of 1.3 acres in Nevada

Molossia includes a Tower of the Winds, a monument that includes decorative items and red lava gravel ‘dedicated to the wind and the desert and as a symbol of our nation’

One for the album:  Baugh, dressed in regular clothes and not his 'official' uniform, poses on the border between the United States and the Republic of Molossia

Baugh says he and the citizens of Molossia  are 'constantly trying to improve' and 'just seeing where our imagination can take' his beloved micronation

Baugh has devised strict rules and governing policies for the micronation he has ruled for decades

President Baugh married First Lady Adrianne in 2011 after they met on a dating site; she shares his enthusiasm for Molossia

The most recent micronation conference happened in June in the state of Georgia; Baugh says he is fascinated by the diversity of the tiny sovereign states across the globe

First Lady Adrianne says she studied 500 pages of information before she  began giving tours so she would know all the answers for visitors

Only one building in Molossia is designed for living, while others offer visitors a chance to buy souvenirs or food

First Lady Adrianne often dresses casually while giving tours but wears gowns and a tiara for more important occasions

Molossian citizens can sometimes be found playing broomball, which has few rules, on a rock strewn dirt patch called the Alphonse Simms Memorial Cosmodrome and Broomball Field

The national animal of Molossia is a mustang, which is also featured on the national crest, along with an image of the sun and a crown

The Molossian rail road is a little smaller than its visitors may have anticipated, though President Baugh hopes to build a larger model for visitors

The trading post: Molossia relies on the tourist dollar as much as any other visitor's destination - although the national currency of the micronation is chocolate chip cookie dough and poker chip coins

Tourists can purchase t-shirts and other branded Molossia souvenirs after visit to the tiny sovereign nation in the desert

President Baugh has labeled Molossia a 'third world country,' so tourist dollars are happily welcomed in his micronation

Molossia includes a place called Red Square – home to a post office, trading company and bar and grill – and Norton Park, a ‘tranquil garden where Molossians can relax and enjoy life’

Baugh's attention to detail even includes a customs officer - though he isn't able to say much to tourists

Molossia's currency is called Valora - abbreviated as VL - and even includes specially printed paper bills

Some Valora bills feature pictures of President Baugh, while the poker chips are also specialized in the micronation

President Baugh says that he chose to be a dictator and it is 'fantastic;' he did not give himself a more regal title because ‘I’ve never had a royal feel for myself'

Molossia’s citizens love making movies at what they call ‘Mollywood’ - as well as running a monthly newsletter that details everything happening, along with their very own radio program

President Baugh says Molossia's 'number one export is garbage and then children. They go to school over in the US'

Molossia also includes a cemetery, where pets are buried; the micronation currently has six dog citizens, although its president refuses to grant citizenship to the resident cat 

President Baugh wants to switch almost entirely to solar power so that Molossia isn’t on the US power grid - which will be 'more of a way for us to establish ourselves'

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