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Sainsbury’s supermarket labelled racist by Londoner for putting £3.80 tin of Jamaican delicacy Ackee in a sealed security box

A FURIOUS Londoner labelled Sainsbury’s decision to place tins of the Jamaican fruit delicacy Ackee in security boxes as “corporate racism”.
Shopper Toby Taylor asked the supermarket giant why it was tagging this £3.80 product and if it would do the same for the Greek spread hummus.

The 31-year-old, a technology director and DJ, discovered the security measures at his local supermarket in Penge, Bromley, and claimed it was “very openly racist and frankly quite evil”.
He told Mail Online: “Whether it was an accident or intentional, this is corporate racism at its worst.
“It is a metal can of produce that is very popular with a community that has huge issues with poor stereotypes permeated by bigoted old, white people.
“Why would they not put high value items in security tags, why put something so specific?”
He shamed Sainsbury’s on Facebook, writing: “Nice slab of corporate racism on offer in one of your stores today.
“I note that the the £20 bottles of truffle oil – that were significantly smaller may I add – had no tags whatsoever.
“Can you clarify your tagging policy for me? That would be great.”
This post sparked a mixed range of responses from fellow Facebook users.
One wrote: “I’ve read articles about how this kind of thing is rife in the States but never seen an actual example here. Poor show, Sainsbury’s.”
But another said: “They are tagged due being pulled up on the list of items frequently stolen.
“Your comment makes you the racist for suggesting it is minorities stealing this item.”
A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “We take the decision on which products to tag on an individual store basis to protect high value or frequently stolen items.”


  1. Typical emo, with his useless little lap dog.

    If a certain product keeps getting lifted...that is the perfect solution.

    Screw the poor thieves

  2. I'm guessing the store owners prefer to sell their goods, not give them away.

  3. Idiot is misguided in his whining.
    Should be shaming the thieves.
    Guessing he supports shoplifters.
    Now he's bought the shame
    And, Now the shame is all his.
    More libtard tears.