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ARMY OF WOMEN Join Social Media Craze To Show Their Love For President Trump and Ivanka, As Media Still Pushes Lie That Women Hate Trump (16 Pics)

Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful.
With summer in full swing, gorgeous women who call themselves Babes For Trump are flaunting their bangin’ bikini bodies on social media.
The stunning Republicans came out swinging against the biased media that relentlessly attack the president and first daughter Ivanka Trump.
The group even has its own Twitter account and racy Instagram page, where they proudly declare their support for the Trumps while sporting patriotic swimsuits, bikinis, and MAGA caps.
The Babes For Trump movement started during the presidential election, and has mushroomed since then. It heated up recently after leftist MNSBC shill Joan Walsh trashed Ivanka Trump by saying she isn’t a real feminist because she’s not butch.
The Women for Trump army also supported Ivanka when anti-Trumpers launched boycotts of her clothing line to protest her dad. In response, female Trump supporters went out in droves to buy her merchandise, helping Ivanka’s fashion line rocket to record sales.
These women want to send the message that despite the media narrative that President Trump is a misogynist, an army of women support him and Ivanka, whom they consider a positive role model for working women and moms.

Conservative women also want to underscore that you can be a feminist and an advocate for women’s rights without hating men or looking like a man. While there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence for this, research apparently backs this up.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Public Economics, conservatives are better-looking than liberals. Researchers posited that attractive people tend to lean right because they don’t have the victim mentality and grievance mongering that often characterize the left.
The researchers explained: “Good-looking people are more likely to perceive the world as a just place, since they are treated better than others, achieve higher status, and are happier. And a frequent reason for people to sympathize with the left is a perception of the world as unfair.”

The study added: “A simple economic explanation of the appearance gap in favor of the right is that beautiful people earn more money. And the more people earn, the more they are inclined to oppose redistribution and arguably, to support, get active in, and represent parties to the right.”
In other words, if you don’t have a chip on your shoulder, don’t expect the world to hand you stuff for free, and work toward your goals, you’ll be happier, more successful, and be perceived as more attractive. These hot women for Trump probably agree:


  1. whats wrong with these imbiciles? these so called women, have no clue what the orange clown has done to this country already..........how can you be this ignorant, and still dress yourself?

    1. You are the blind leading the blind. Go drink some more cool-aid and watch CNN. LOL dumb ass libtard.