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This teenager's summer bucket list is hilarious and relatable all at the same time (10 Pics)

Oh to be a teenager again, with 6 weeks off over the summer to do nothing but live our best lives until the last day, of course, when we'd catch up on approximately 30 pieces of homework and 6 weeks of revision.
But has anything changed in the last XX years (I'm not telling) since we were 17? Or are teenagers' summer goals similar to ours way back then?
A summer bucket list found in the changing rooms of Urban Outfitters (obvs) is bringing up a load of memories for those simpler days, when all we strived to do was 'Get drunk all the time' and usually succeeded.
@scorpiosars shared the list on Twitter saying "My friends, friend found this in an Urban Outfitters dressing room... make this go viral". We're not sure she needed to say the last bit out loud because this piece of gold was always going to make the big time.

Some of the goals laid out for the summer months ahead include wholesome, entrepreneurial ideas such as 'have a lemonade stand w/ Zoe', while others are slightly, well, less so.
The unknown writer, in the same summer that she wants to spend 'eating cotton candy', petting a giraffe, star gazing and 'tying a message to a balloon and letting it go' also wants to 'have sex', 'give 2 blow jobs' and take '8 hoe pictures for Instagram'.
She's also a sensible soul, too. This list isn't all 'boob hickeys' and getting cross-faded 17 times (to be drunk and stoned at the same time, I googled it), she also has laid out intentions to fix her home screen, decorate her room and do her summer reading.
Guys, is this starting to sound like anyone else's summer checklist or just ours?!
If you thought the list was funny, then be prepared to deep-dive into the comments and spend the next 30 minutes - three hours laughing out loud while you pretend to your boss that you're working.
Speaking from experience, it's doable.

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