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Wanted rape suspect taunts police by commenting on their Facebook post about him

A North Carolina man wanted for rape and kidnapping trolled police online by commenting on the sheriff’s office’s Facebook post, which included his mugshot and description.

“Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office needs your help!” the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook along with the suspect’s mugshot and a physical description. “We are attempting to locate DEREK LEE HELMS.”
 To the surprise of many, a man claiming to know Helms commented on the post, swearing that he is a “great guy,” and Helms responded to thank the man.

“This is a great guy,” Brian Stallings wrote in a comment. “I met him on a job where I was the Foreman and he worked hard for me. Through our time of working together, he always was speaking of his kids and how much he loved them. I’d be willing to speak up for this man. I will not believe that anyof [sic] these charges are true.”

“Thanks bud really appreciate it enjoyed working with yall guys as well,” Helms replied. “Truth coming out bfor long vindictive and spitfullness [sic] and some croked [sic] cops.”

The sheriff’s office then addressed Helms directly, tagging him and writing, “Derek Helms you need to turn yourself in.”
Helms is currently wanted on charges of first degree kidnapping and second degree rape. He has not yet been arrested.


  1. Problem with our entire government being so corrupt from the local level all the way to the top is trust is no longer warranted. You don't know if the guy is guilty of the cops are crooked. There was a time when you could trust. No longer.

    "When there is a lack of honor in government, the morals of the whole people are poisoned." - Herbert Hoover

  2. A charge of rape now is like being charged with heresy. No matter what you say or what proof you can offer neither will be allowed in court because the charge is the proof of guilt.