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White House sends new US citizen welcome letter from President - signed by Barack Obama

Aisha Sultan's UK-born husband became a US citizen and received the customary welcome letter from the President, however it was not written by Donald Trump. 
The US government is still using a letter signed by President Barack Obama. 
It has not been updated in the six months since Mr Trump has taken office. 
Ms Sultan posted a picture of the letter from her husband's welcome packet: 
 Naturally the rest of Twitter, the favoured method of public outreach for Mr Trump, responded: 
 Many wondered why Mr Obama's letter was still being used after all this time since it seems like such a simple fix. No official response has come from the White House on the matter as yet. However, Mr Trump has been known for his anti-immigrant rhetoric. He is still championing a nearly 2,000-mile border wall with Mexico to limit illegal immigration and has not explained why he repeatedly says Mexico will pay for it. His latest iteration is the travel ban, restricting those from six Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.  

In light of all that, many felt that Ms Sultan's husband was probably better off with a welcome from Mr Obama instead. 

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