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Woman Gets Fed Up With Mom-Shaming, Decides To Shut It Down With A Powerful Message (13 Pics)

If you’re a parent, you probably have at least ten moments a day where you have to stop and ask yourself – “am I doing this right?” Stay-at-home mom Karen Johnson knows exactly how you feel, and she thinks it’s about time we all cut ourselves (and each other) a break.
Not only is she hoping to encourage parents to keep their spirits high, she also wants to put a stop to sanctimonious ‘mom-shamers’ who judge others on the different ways they choose to raise their kids. Johnson, who operates a blog called The 21st Century SAHM, penned a powerful, brutally honest rant on Thursday that completely dropped the mic on pedestal parents, and she did it with more class than a new pair of shoes.
Johnson’s post has gone seriously viral, with over 650 thousand likes and more than 400 thousand shares. Scroll down to find out why moms and dads everywhere are giving her a standing ovation, and weigh in with your thoughts at the end!

Meet Karen Johnson, a stay-at-home mom who got too tired of seeing moms being shamed for being “not perfect enough”

She posted a powerful rant against it and it’s going seriously viral

Parents overwhelmingly identified with Johnson’s words, and gave her a standing ovation

Some, however, felt this mom deserved to be judged on a few of her methods

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