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Woman Shames Man Who Allegedly Assaulted Her And Twitter Has A New Hero

It may seem obvious, but grabbing random women at bars without their permission isn't OK. It's assault. But what seems obvious to us isn't all that obvious to everyone. So when one Twitter user shared a photo of the guy who allegedly harassed her during a night out on Twitter after she was done with him, people kinda loved it.

Krystal Olsen from Long Island, New York, shared the photo of the teary eyed man who she alleges grabbed her inappropriately. In response, she reportedly took him out of the bar in a choke hold, where he pushed her against a wall. Olsen said the man was arrested and shared a photo of him "crying like a bitch" while in handcuffs.  

Unsurprisingly, the women of Twitter have a new hero. 

As do most of the men.
But then the critics came, only to be quickly dismissed. 

This guy didn't seem to understand the response, either. 

Justice is served. 

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  1. This like,..totally happened, cuz like someone totally wrote about it on Twitter.