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9-yr-old becomes viral sensation, center of controversy for bold protest outside abortion clinic

Video of a nine-year-old girl outside an abortion clinic is making its rounds on the internet.
Briana, whose last name we're not releasing for privacy reasons, can be seen wearing a headset to amplify her voice in a video that's been viewed by more than a million people.
In the video, posted on the Hoosiers For Life Facebook page, Briana can be seen sharing the gospel and pleading with women waiting inside the clinic to not abort their babies.
"I'm a nine-year-old and the voice of your baby right now. Don't kill me. Save me. Let me live. Let me see the world...Let me grow up so I can worship Jesus and God. That's what your baby is saying," she said in the video.
She shared, "There are so many things you can do, like first things."
"...You can have first birthdays, first Christmases, first everything, first day to hug your baby."   
Briana, along with her family, went to the Women's Mede Center in Indianapolis Friday, July 21 as part of a pro-life demonstration, to encourage women not to have abortions.
It was not her first time visiting the clinic, she told CBN News in an exclusive interview. When asked why she wanted to visit the clinic for the second time, she explained, "I felt like we all made a change there."
She also explained why it was important for her to speak out against abortion.
"Because it's little children that are being murdered and killed and they're alive, they have a heartbeat so they're humans just like us. It's just like the only difference is they can't say now," she said.    
Family friend Amy Schlichter of Hoosiers for Life recorded the video of Briana.
She said, "Briana's always had a bold personality for her age."
"I thought it was a bold move for her to pick up that headset, it's something that I haven't even done. And so when Briana grabbed it, I knew that she was going to say something. I was very curious to see what she was going to say in her heart and she surprised all of us."
She pointed out that no one coerced Briana to say what she shared that day.
"She has a personality and thoughts of her own. It just doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that abortion is murder and so Briana captured that reality and she was able to relay that to the women," said Schlichter.
"If you get an abortion, you can come out and repent.  Jesus will forgive you. Just repent," Briana said.

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