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‘Ghetto kid’ dad gives loaded parenting lesson outside of Walmart: ‘I ain’t about to argue with no damn kid’

An Ohio man used social media for good last week when he live streamed an epic lesson in being a parent, a daddy and a man.
Terrel Rico Relz Crawford took to Facebook Live to show how he was reprimanding his daughter for making a scene in Walmart, and he was able to do it with no threatening, yelling or hitting.
The video started with his crying daughter in the background sitting on his car while Crawford sported a nonchalant look, allowing her to have her tantrum.
“You done?” he asked the child. “You sound like you’re still whining to me. You gonna listen in the store? You gonna stop whining? You gonna stop screaming?”
He calmly explained that when she started to behave they could go back into the store with her mother.
Incredibly the child stopped the whining as she sat and listened.
That’s when Crawford looked into the camera and addressed the viewers.
“See when you spoil the hell out of your kids this is what happens,” he said, referring to her tantrum.
“That’s our fault for being raised as ghetto kids and never having anything. But see people don’t know how to tell their kids no,” he said. “I don’t care if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, do not put one in your child’s mouth because this is what happens.”
Crawford explained that he is fine with her having a tantrum, but not fine with her not stopping when he tells her too. And his way of handling it is to have her sit with him, bored, in the parking lot with no toys or iPad to distract her, until she becomes calm.
“We buy the stuff that they get. We take it away from them when they don’t deserve it,” he said.
He told his daughter to “act like you got two parents at home that tell you how to act.”
And explained why he won’t yell at her in public.
“I ain’t about argue with no three-year old kid, no two-year-old kid, no damn kid,” he said. “I’m the daddy. I’m grown.”
Crawford ended the video when he took his daughter to “go potty,” and the adorable child delighted those watching with a dance while he carried her in his arms.
The video has amassed more than 16 million views so far.
Personally, I think it ought to be required viewing for any parents of small children.

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