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Hilarious passive-aggressive notes about bad parking and unkempt lawns will make you thankful you don't live next door to these residents (16 Pics)

What a burn! A lesbian got her own-back on someone who was talking about her sexuality right outside her door by claiming she was able to take home more girls than him

If one note isn't enough, leave three! This pet owner was obviously so concerned about their cats escaping that they felt it was necessary to stick three notes to the door

Maybe they should move! These neighbours hate who they live to so much that they didn't stop some thieves from stealing a package left outside their home

'Tis the season to be grumpy! This neighbour wanted to ward off carol singers so put a loud and clear message on their front door

They'll need some ice for that burn! This neighbour schooled whoever stole their package with this hilarious and cutting note

Maybe this will help them to 'c' the lines better! This neighbour drew a helpful diagram to hammer home the point that the person they live next to can't park very well

These neighbours have unwittingly been baring all to the people they live next door to - but they won't be able to show their face around them again 

No Christmas cheer on this street! One neighbour is very particular about how the people he lives near decorate their houses, and asked one house to finish off their lights asap

This girl is first congratulated on the amount of sex she is having - but then the message turns passive-aggressive as the neighbour asks politely if she can keep the loud noise down at 2am

What a bargain! These neighbours responded in the best way when a pedant asked them to tidy up their dandelion-strewn lawn

Doesn't the cat know that smoking is a filthy habit? These neighbours had some fun with their note asking their neighbours not to drop cigarette butts near their home

If in doubt, blame it on the wife! This cheeky neighbour said his poor parking wasn't his fault but his spouse's 

If you want to get on with your neighbours, don't park over two spaces - or you might end up with an expletive-riddled rant like this through your letterbox

Is this passive-aggressive neighbour an art student? Fed up of a neighbour walking loudly in the flat above, one woman drew an elaborate drawing to make a point about the high noise levels

Usually notes are over-the-top but this one was definitely warranted after some drunk boys snuck into someone's garden to watch a lesbian couple have sex

This neighbour used a Harry Potter analogy to tell their neighbour to keep quiet and stop stomping around upstairs

They certainly won't knock at this door again! This neighbour got so fed up with Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on their door that they put uo a sign to ward them off

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