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Man gets rejected for making a VERY elaborate presentation on date suggestions - but is applauded by Microsoft Office for his efforts (10 Pics)

In world of casual swiping right and ghosting, it's hard to make yourself stand out from the crowd of singletons.

So after matching with a man called Tom on Tinder, Ben Velzian from London decided to put a little bit of effort into his suggestions of where to go for their first date - by creating an elaborate PowerPoint presentation. 

However, his gesture backfired when Tom promptly blocked him on What'sApp, clearly not impressed by Ben's idea to visit the maze by the O2, where he could casually segue into conversation about the recent Celine Dion concert he went to.
It's doubtful Ben will be lacking a date for long though, after Twitter users went wild for his impressive efforts. 

And he even received a shout out from Microsoft Office, who sent the Celine fan a graphic of an iceberg captioned: 'We know your heart will go on'.

Ben Velzian from London wanted to stand out from the crowd so he sent his potential date a PowerPoint presentation on things they could do, including a maze and crazy golf 

Ben, a self-confessed 'full time weirdo' felt inspired to create the PowerPoint extravaganza of suggestions, with three suggested dates. 

His first idea was the John Sloan museum where highlights include a gravestone inscribed with 'Alas poor Fanny' and free entrance leaves more money for drinks. 

However, the downside would be that you're not allowed to take a phone in so they couldn't distract themselves if they didn't get on. 
Option two was the 'arty maze by the Millenium Dome', which would provoke the aforementioned good memories of the Celine Dion concert. 

The Celine Dion fan even received a shout out from Microsoft Office 

And if neither of those tickled his fancy, there was also a trip to Junkyard Golf on offer, so Ben could show off his skills, although he admitted to being a sore loser.

He concluded that if none of those were appealing then a simple drink at the pub would do just as well. 

Instead of being won over, Tom promptly blocked Ben's messages but he was determined not to let it get him down. 


Pointing out that the endeavour was clearly tongue-in-cheek, he said: 'I don't want someone who has 0 humour.'

And his Twitter followers agreed that Tom had missed out, with several saying they would be delighted to receive a PowerPoint presentation on dates. 

Others agreed that his date seemed like a 'bore' and recommended letting your 'full crazy to come out' as soon as you meet someone. 

However, a handful of people sided with Tom saying that finding the presentation over-the-top did not make him boring. 

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