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Not such a 'dump' any more! New photographs reveal shiny new Oval Office and Roosevelt Room after $3.4m renovations are completed on White House (22 Pics)

Renovated: The White house was looking as shiny and new as it ever did on Tuesday as a two-week renovation on the exterior and interoir of the building wrapped up

Back in action: The Oval Office was open for business once more. All of the furniture had been removed for the renovation, which had involved - in part - replacing the building's ailing HVAC system

Seal of approval: The presidential seal can be seen here on the ceiling of the Oval Office on Tuesday. Although the building's HVAC system installed just 27 years ago, it had been in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year since then

Problem resolved: The Resolute Desk is seen ready to welcome back Donald Trump on Tuesday. Because it had been running constantly for 27 years, the HVAC system's age was estimated to be more like 81 years of conventional use

They've got it covered: New wallpaper is seen covering the walls of the Oval Office - one of the aesthetic changes to the largely practical changes that have been made

A light touch: An eagle chandelier is seen outside the Oval Office on Wednesday. The fixtures in the building have largely remained the same, but wallpaper has been changed and new coats of paint laid down

Teddy boy's room: The Roosevelt Room (pictured) has also undergone renovation - although the pictures, including the portrait of Roosevelt on the right and the landscape picture have remained

Gone to ground: One of the major changes in here was swapping the beige, flat-colored Obama-era carpet for one with a more detailed design

Flags of our fathers: The flags on display in the room have not changed, however; neither has the sofa that can be seen on the far-left-hand side

Nicely polished: A detail of the table from the Roosevelt room, showing flip-up sections through which power cables can be passed. The White House has also had an IT upgrade, along with the HVAC replacement

Profile of a president: This charming picture of Roosevelt has also remained - appropriately - in the Roosevelt Room

Winging it: The West Wing's lobby also has the Roosevelt Room carpet running through it 

Welcome to the White House: The West Wing's looby is seen in this wider, post-renovation shot on Tuesday

Tray chic: A ray engraved with the presidential seal is placed on a stand in the West Wing lobby on Tuesday

Stepping up: The South Portico porch stairs on the south lawn have received their first restoration in 64 years. They were still being touched up as of Tuesday

Step away: Yellow barrels block off the South Portico steps after painters get to work there

White washing - the good kind: A US Park Service employee paints the White House during the renovation on Tuesday

Craning up: A pair of cranes are seen on the South Lawn on August 11, as renovations were underway

Chipping away: Workers break off the old steps on the South Portico to apply new ones on August 11

Emptied out: The Oval Office is emptied of almost everything on August 11, ahead of renovation work; note the two cables poking out of the floor

No more room: The Roosevelt Room acts as a temporary tool, supply and materials storage space during rennovation work on August 11

Cutting a rug: Workers cut new carpeting for the interior of the White House on the driveway outside the White House's West Wing on August 11

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