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Pizza delivery man threatens to ROB woman who didn't tip him in four-page ranting letter left on her doorstep one week later

A Redondo Beach woman says she is on edge after a pizza delivery driver upset because he did not get a tip returned with a menacing message in which he threatened to rob her.
Lauren Ledford posted a couple pages of the 4-page letter, which also included some vulgar language about male and female body parts as well as a slur against Jews, on her Facebook page on Friday.
She said she had received the angry rant the day before after having a pizza delivered by a Postmates driver a few days prior.
The company, which receives on-demand orders through its phone app, operates a network of drivers who bring food to people’s homes.

Ledford thought the tip was included in the price.

“Dear young lady,” the note began. “I delivered you a pizza not long ago and was not given a tip.”
The writer continued his rant by saying that he was “kind of high” and needed the money to “stay toasty.” He then wrote that if he ever delivers anything to her again and she does not tip he was “probably going to rob” her.
“I’m joking, but not really. Don’t risk it though. Who knows what a disgruntled delivery driver who can’t afford to eat is capable of?”

He went on to complain that a 20% tip on a $20 tab is only $4. “Ok just heed my words and don’t be cheap.”
Ledford told KTLA news that she alerted the company right away but did not get a response until she posted the letter online .
Postmates then issued the following statement.
“Harassment of any kind is not tolerated on the Postmates platform and we are sincerely sorry for this customer’s experience. Immediately after being notified of this incident last week we removed the independent contractor from the platform.” The company also said it would cooperate with law enforcement.
Ledford wrote that the incident has left her frightened. “I am now terrified that this man could show up any day,” she said.
She told the television station that a lot of people might just brush off the threat and “say ‘oh ha ha that’s a funny letter’ until something happens.”
Redondo Beach police are investigating the threat, which could lead to felony charges against the person who made it.

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