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41-year-old woman detained at passport control for being 'too young'

New York: Natalia Dzenkiv, a 41-year-old woman, was recently detained and grilled by the authorities at the passport control while she was travelling back home from Turkey for ''being too young''.
According to Mirror, the officials detained Natalia over suspicion that she was using someone else's passport - because of her age.
Officials believed her to be 20 years younger than what she looked in her photo on the passport.
It wasn't a routine line of questioning, either. Instead, as it turned out, it was a pretty amazing compliment, she was quoted as saying.
"I am already used to compliments about the way I look, but I couldn't have imagined that it might be a reason for detaining me," she said.
Natalia, who is better known as Lama, was let off, but only when her fans came to the rescue.
Natalia's excited fans, after recognising her, approached her asking for selfies and autographs.
Revealing the secret of her beauty, one of Natalia's fan said, ''She is vegetarian and only eats fruits and vegetables, that's why she looks so good."

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