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Badass Rescue Dog Who Has Rescued 52 Lives Is Now Saving People Affected By Mexico Earthquake (8 Pics)

A magnitude 7.1 earthquake rocked central Mexico on Tuesday, killing over 230 people so far and injuring thousands. The earthquake comes less than two weeks after another, more powerful quake struck Oaxaca, leaving much of the region in ruins, and a large-scale rescue operation is currently underway to locate those trapped beneath the rubble.
Frida the Labrador plays an integral role in that operation. Working with SEMAR, the Mexican Navy’s canine unit, the brave rescue dog is currently hard at work searching for survivors. Equipped with her own personal protective equipment, including customized boots and goggles, Frida has saved over 50 people in her short career, a number of whom were rescued from the rubble in Oaxaca. Despite the double tragedy that Mexico has recently experienced, we’re glad to know that Frida is working around the clock to find the buried and rescue the injured. Way to go Frida!

Frida the Labrador is helping to rescue people affected by the recent earthquake in Mexico

The magnitude 7.1 quake hit the centre of the country on Tuesday and has so far killed over 230 people

Frida works with SEMAR, the Mexican Navy, to search for and rescue those trapped in the rubble

She has her own personal protective equipment, including special goggles

She also has customized boots to keep her paws safe

So far she’s helped save over 50 lives in various natural disasters

12 of those were people caught in the stronger earthquake that hit Oaxaca less than two weeks ago

Way to go Frida!

Watch her in action below:

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