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Restaurant Closes For The Most Amazing Reason Ever, And Now Everyone Wants To Eat There (4 Pics)

For many Americans, working non-stop with little to no vacation is just a fact of life. One restaurant in Bakersfield, California, however, is breaking that rigid mold with a heartwarming policy that has now gone viral.
. The Thai restaurant was closed for 2 weeks, which some businesses might consider a death sentence. The hand-typed note, however, also revealed the reason for the establishment’s temporary closure, and people on the Internet are actually calling it a brilliant career move, especially in regards to head chef Preeda Piamfa.

This is Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar, a Thai restaurant in Bakersfield, CA, that is going viral for the best reason

This note was recently found taped to their door

“Our head chef is from Thailand and every year, we send him back to visit his family. Prior to coming to work at Chef’s Choice Noodle Bar, he had not seen his family for 15 years, but when he joined The Noodle Bar Family, we wanted him to have the opportunity to see his family on a more regular basis – so, we close the restaurant for two weeks every fall, in order for him to visit his family and recharge himself. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to having you visit us when he is back and refreshed on October 4th!
The Management”

For head chef Preeda Piamfa, being part of the ‘Noodle Bar Family’ has certainly proved life-changing

Judging by how the Internet reacted to the policy, we’d say it’s a surprisingly smart career move

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