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EVIL: Man Drowns Infant Daughter Allegedly Because His Wife Planned To Divorce Him

On Monday, a Florida man called his wife at work to tell her that because she reportedly intended to divorce him, he had killed their 17-month-old daughter.
Lake County deputies, alerted by a 911 call from the wife, Holly Main, 37, arrived at the home of Jeremy Main, 38, in Lady Lake, Florida, only to find their daughter Mackenzie drowned in the bathtub. Sgt. Fred Jones, a Lake County Sheriff’s spokesman, told the Orlando Sentinel, “They had to bust the door in,” adding that Mackenzie’s death appeared to be “an apparent drowning.” He added of Jeremy Main, “He had called to tell her he killed the kid.”
Main, 38, turned himself in at a Sumter County Sheriff’s Office substation and was charged with first-degree murder. He informed police he had “failed to kill himself” and “has ruined his life,” according to the arrest affidavit viewed by WESH. Jones said, “It is my understanding he lawyered up.”
Barbara Northcutt, Holly Main’s mother, told the Sentinel, “He had some issues — there were family issues.” She said she wanted to ask Main, “How could you destroy something that loves you 100 percent?”
Jeremy Main’s sister, Marnee Weakley, 37, said last Friday she went grocery shopping with Mackenzie and her father and had a “dance off,” adding Mackenzie made you feel “warm and fuzzy” and “loved to dance.” She was befuddled by the murder, saying, “It doesn’t seem like there’s any other option right now, but it’s not like him … that child was his life,” and said she didn’t know that her brother and his wife had problems. She said, “I have no clue, I have no clue … up until now he’s always been my best friend, my hero.”
Holly Main has two teen children from a previous marriage; they were allegedly at school at the time of the murder. She and Jeremy Main married in July 2015.
Jones concluded, “For someone to be able to do something like that is just mind-boggling. Twenty years in this job, and it’s hard to believe a person can lose their humanity and do something like this.”

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