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Legal executive at top New York headhunting firm reveals photo of her 'drunk and high' boss 'passed out on office floor' as she accuses him of years of sexual harassment

Veronica McILraith, 35

A male executive at a national headhunting firm preyed on his female underling​ ​– groping her breasts, saying he wanted to “suck on her boobies,” and humping her office door, according to a new complaint.
 Boss Scott Legg

Veronica McILraith, 35, was a managing director at Wegman Partners’ Manhattan office from 2014 through 2017 when she was forced out after reporting the harassment, she says in a New York City Commission on Human Rights complaint filed Wednesday.
The married Manhattanite claims her boss, Scott Legg, 37, grew violent when she rebuffed his advances, calling her a “bitch” and throwing furniture.
He often appeared drunk and high on cocaine at work and she once snapped a photo of him passed out on the floor, McILraith says in the complaint.
“At times, he has passed out in the office,” the complaint says, above a photograph that purportedly shows Legg sprawled out on the carpet.
She also took photos of a sign Legg allegedly posted outside his office that read, “Suck my balls,” and a photo of an ejaculating penis that he’d allegedly drawn.

McILraith said in her complaint that Legg often appeared drunk and high on cocaine while he was at work and she once took a photo of him passed out on the office floor
In July 2015 Legg “aggressively grabbed at Ms. McILraith’s breasts in the office kitchen and tried to open her sweater,” sending her running into her cubicle, the complaint says.
Later that month “Legg became enraged when Ms. McILraith refused to go to lunch with him and called her a ‘bitch,'” she claims in the filing.
That August​,​ Legg allegedly “humped Ms. McILraith’s office door, licked it and, showed her his tongue.”
In November​,​ while waiting for McILraith at a client meeting he texted her, “Maybe I’ll suck on your boobies,” according to a copy of the exchange included in the complaint.
McILraith says she refused her boss’s advances. He dealt with the rejection by twice hurling chairs at her office wall, according to the complaint.

Legg was suspended for five days after Wegman’s human resources department investigated her allegations, but he also yanked all her commissions, leaving her without an income, the complaint states.
She filed a complaint with the city instead of a lawsuit because arbitration is required in her work contract.
Her attorney, Zoe Salzman, said the arbitration clause does not bar her client from filing a complaint with a government agency.
“No woman should have to experience this sort of harassment at work. Ms. McILraith is standing up. Other women are standing up. And more will follow,” said Salzman, with the firm of Emery Celli Brinckerhoff & Abady LLP.
Legg and Wegman Partners did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Wegman Parnters provides legal recruiting services to major international law firms and Fortune 500 companies.

McILraith also included in her complaint several photos that showed a sign Legg had allegedly posted outside his office that read 'suck my b***s'. The sign was up for four months

McILraith included in the complaint a photo of an ejaculating penis that he drew and had asked her to contribute to

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