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Girl Shames Friend For Achieving Everything Because Of ‘White Privilege,’ Doesn’t Expect Response Like This (11 Pics)

While it’s undeniable that white privilege is a very real thing that affects many facets of modern society (including the way we discuss violent events), calling it out where it doesn’t exist – like most social issues – only serves to make the problem worse. A screenshot is now going viral that shows a prime example of this happening in a Facebook comment thread, and everyone is calling it ‘cringe-worthy.’
“I understand the reality of privilege, I’ve benefited off that system my whole life. What I don’t understand is this approach to gaining allies via insults and guilt tripping. Eroding their achievements does not create friends of your cause. It adds another wall between us,” one Imgur user poignantly commented.
See it for yourself below, and let us know if you thought this was social justice delivered, or gone terribly wrong.

People were quick to voice their opinions on the matter:

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