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'I got two overdoses and two babies': Harrowing bodycam video captures moment two heroin addict moms were found passed out in SUV with their screaming infants in back seat (8 Pics)

THIS shocking footage shows two Florida mums who overdosed on heroin in a car while their babies were on the back seat.

Kristen Leigh O’Connor, 27, of Coral Springs and June Ann Schweinhart, 28, of Lake Worth, were found slumped unconscious in a heroin stupor last week, cops said.
Their babies - aged one and two months - were strapped in the back when police arrived on the scene.
The whole harrowing scene was captured by an officer's bodycam.
The pair faces charges of child neglect after they were released from the hospital, ABC7 reports.
Police claim O'Connor had told Schweinhart about a drug dealer who wanted to know if she wanted any drugs from him.
Kristen Leigh O'Connor
June Schweinhart
The police report into their arrest said the pair decided to buy $60 worth of heroin while the two babies were in the vehicle.

The news channel said the pair, who became friends after meeting at a drug-treatment programme, snorted the drugs at a parking garage in the 1300 block of South Federal Highway.

O'Connor began shaking and became unresponsive, police said.

Boynton Beach Fire Rescue was called and took the pair to the hospital for treatment.

Police said when they arrived at the scene, O'Connor was unconscious and they found the children in the back of the SUV in their car seats.
The news station said detectives decided to charged both O'Connor and Schweinhart with child neglect.
The children have been placed in the custody of the Florida Department of Children.

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