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Incredible drone images show border wall prototypes being built in the California desert as companies bid to fulfil Trump's great election pledge (17 Pics)

  • Drone photos show the new border wall being constructed in the California desert this week
  • Construction firms are currently working on eight prototypes of the new border wall 
  • At the end of the construction process, a winner will likely be chosen and that prototype will be put into place across the whole U.S.-Mexico border 
  • Journalists were invited to tour the construction site this week, where several large concrete slabs have already been erected

  • Drone photos show construction beginning on eight new border fence prototypes in the California desert this week 

    Construction firms are currently building eight prototypes for the new border wall. At the end of the building process, the best prototype will likely be chosen and put into place along the entire border 

    It's been reported that four of the prototypes will be made of concrete while four will be see through 

    This graphic shows how President Donald Trump (pictured centre right) is planning the U.S.A./Mexico wall. Prototypes are being built in the California desert

    The prototype building process will last about three more weeks, Customs and Border Patrol said. After that, the agency may pick several winners, or none.

    The construction process is taking place in the California desert near San Diego 

    Building a new border wall was a cornerstone of President Trump's campaign. He hopes a better wall will curb illegal immigration and restore jobs to Americans

    Construction on the prototypes began at the end of September after being stalled three months 

    Construction started three months late because construction firms who did not win a contract protested 

    Once the new border wall begins construction, protesters will likely have a large presence on construction sites across the country

    Above, another look at construction being done at the prototype site this week 

    The finished border wall prototypes will be 30 feet tall by 30 feet wide. Above, a look at construction taking place this week

    Local residents look at border wall prototypes under construction in San Diego, CA

    One model: This is one version of how Trump's border wall could look. Construction is now beginning on the prototypes

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