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Incredible photos reveal how WWI soldiers forgot the horrors of the trenches to a enjoy a game of cricket or a good old kick-about (24 Pics)

The football team of the Third Army Trench Mortar School pose for a group photograph in Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise close to the Western Front, May 1917. The soldiers have been kitted out with matching kits of long sleeve tops, knee high socks, boots and shorts for their team picture

A British general is about to kick off a friendly football match between the British and Italian troops on the Italian Front in 1917. A few soldiers can be seen dotted around just above the pitch, looking over onto the muddy field as the game is about to kick off

Two football players battle for control in match between the 1/7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and the 1/7th Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment, as dozens of soldiers scramble to get a view of the action on the Italian Front, Trissino, Italy, 1918

Men of the 9th Battalion, Highland Light Infantry, playing rugby in France, August 1917. One of the men is jumping through the air while others wait to try and catch him. The men are all wearing a similar uniform, consisting of a shirt, patterned kilts, knee high boots and a thick belt

It was not only British troops which enjoyed sports, as Australian soldiers pictured here play rugby on a large, open field in Barleux, France. In between the two men on the far left of this picture, an animal appears undetered while the men play their game with the makeshift ball

A boxing match taking place between British troops at Mont St. Eloi, France, as dozens of soldiers in attendance look on. The shirtless men are even given proper boxing gloves for their bout in a makeshift ring with ropes and corners

These smiling group of soldiers from the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry play a game cricket in Salonika, Greece. A wicket has also been made and the man who is batting is kitted out with a bat and shin guards. All four of the men are wearing their caps during the game

British Army troops play a football match on Christmas Day in Greece in 1915. Sports gave soldiers a chance to work on their teamwork and bond in the most hostile of atmospheres. The troops are all still wearing their army-issued military uniforms. Four of the group go up to head the ball as the other soldiers wait for it to be passed to them

A football match between officers and other ranks being played out in Salonika, Greece, Christmas Day, 1915. One of the troops shapes his body to shoot at the goal while the goalkeeper starts to dive to his left in a bid to stop a goal

A soldier heads a ball towards the makeshift net during an inter-company football match on the Balkan Front on Christmas Day, 1916. One man near the goal, most likely the goalkeeper, looks on at the ball and tries to run towards it from his starting position

Cricket was also played by troops in Salonika, Greece, as this picture from 1916 shows. Soldiers even had shin pads and a wicket for their game. From the picture, the batsman appears to have hit the ball high in the air and four of the fielders rush towards the ball to try to catch it

Among the devastation of war, officers of the 27th Division play badminton in a village in Salonika, Greece, using a makeshift net. The house in the image is surrounded by wasteland, probably from the war campaign around them. Two of the troops take aim at the same shuttlecock 

A camel race involving British troops on Christmas Day, 1917, held at Sheikh Othman, in modern day Yemen. Dozens of men on their camels take part in the race as a crowd in the distance looks on. The war spread throughout most of Europe and spilled over into the Middle East as well as Africa

The traditional 11 a side game appears to have gone out the window in this game, as a large group of the 1st Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment play a football match, France, 1916. Most of the men look on at the ball high in the air and have run towards it, hoping to get a touch 

British soldiers bathing near Aveluy Wood, August 1916, which is near to the site where the Battle of the Somme was raging on. The Somme saw more than one million people on both sides die during the brutal conflict, which is classified as one of the most brutal battles ever

Troops in Gallipoli, the site of a major battle involving Turkish and British forces, play a game of cricket in a large clearing. One of the batsman takes a wild swing at the ball as the fielders ready themselves to try and fetch the ball and try to get the batsman out

A horse jumping competition during the First Army Horse Show at the Chateau de la Haie, June 1917. Using spare pieces of wood and nails, a barrier for the horses to jump over was made so that troops can practice. In this image, the horseride looks at the barrier as his stallion jumps over the fence

An impromptu game of football between British and Italian troops, as others rest and spectate, 1917. While only a handful of troops are playing football, a large crowd is gathered to watch the event, giving them a chance to socialise with their peers away from the battlefield

These men from Cambridge University take part in a military gym exercise during the First World War. Al lthe men are wearing trousers with some form of shirt in the coordinated routine, which resembles ballet dancing

Members of the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps and convalescent soldiers playing basketball at Etaples, France, May 1918. American troops entering the war in 1917 introduced new sports to Allied soldiers, such as basketball 

General T Shoubridge along with members of the 7th division play polo in Italy, 1918

Men of the 45th Sikhs play tug-of-war, 1918, during First World War, proving that sport was used as a tool to motivate not just British soliders

Red Cross women's ambulance drivers having a tug-of-war competition against the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, at the Royal Air Force Sports Day at Rang du Fliers, 25th August, 1918.

The Royal Flying Corp football team line up for a team photograph in front of a Sopwith Camel Aircraft, 1918. The soldiers are all wearing long sleeved striped tops, shorts and socks for their team photo

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