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It's Mueller time! Twitter goes crazy with hilarious memes and gags as the first charges are filed in the investigation into Russia's meddling in the election (17 Pics)

  • Robert Mueller has filed the first charges in his investigation into Russian meddling in last year's election 
  • The charges are sealed so it's not known who is going to be hauled in - which has set Twitter abuzz
  • Memes showing Donald Trump being arrested by Mueller have appeared all over the social media channel
  • Others have turned Mueller into Superman; the images trended under #MuellerTime and #MuellerIsComing 

  • The meme of steel: Robert Mueller was transformed into Superman in this meme,  after it was announced that the first charges in his Russia investigation had been filed

    Child's play: Mueller was turned into a combined cop and carer in this picture. Excitement over Trump being arrested in the coming days is likely somewhat misplaced

    Wheel of misfortune: This is still the very earliest stage of this part of the investigation, which will likely continue for months; it's still not known who has been charged and with what

    Daring edit: A stunning video (embedded below) shows Trump and his allies superimposed onto a scene from Daredevil, in which the villains are hauled off by police. In the impressive edit, Bannon, Don Jr and Kellyanne Conway are all arrested

    Now is the time: The memes trended under #MuellerTime and #MuellerIsComing, although a court ordered the documents to be sealed for now

    Fed up: Trump being arrested by Mueller was a common theme among hopeful tweeters. Mueller's investigation has been underway for months

    Orange is the new orange: This fake Time cover was mocked up, promising 'new federal housing' for the Trumps (l-r Eric, Ivanka, Don Jr and Donald) in the form of a prison

    Lambs shanked? This user liked to imagine Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs going after the Trump administration

    Great expectations: This user called Mueller an #AmericanHero for heading up the investigation into Russia's involvement in the election

    Full house? This user made a bingo card for people to play along at home - although it features many people who will likely not be involved in any investigation

    Bar humbug: Some of the tweets hoping for Trump to get jail time were reminiscent of the 'lock her up' slogans directed at Hillary Clinton during the election

    A hole lot of trouble? Trump's constant visits to the golf course - more than Barack Obama racked up during an equivalent length of time - were painted as hubris by this user

    No-one can hear you scream! Mueller was turned into the infamous 'chest burster' from the Alien movies in this meme

    Kitty pride: This user, like many others, hoped for Donald Trump to see the wrong end of one of Mueller's charges

    Kept in suspense: Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka was wheeled out for this tweet, as the excitement over who might be first in cuffs bubbled over

    Let's pretend? Joy Reid of MSNBC's AM JOY show quipped that the GOP is going to struggle to pretend that Mueller's investigation moving into the arrest phase is unimportant

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