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Pale, tearful and haunted: Newly-colorized images capture the faces of young children forced into manual labor across the western world in the early 20th century

  • Shocking images have been colorized to show the haunted faces of children forced into hard labor

  • The pictures capture young children working in cotton industries and factories across the world

  • UNICEF estimates that 168 million children aged five to 17 are currently involved in forced labor

  • Donnie Cole hesitated before he said he was twelve years old. Another young boy nearby said: 'He can't work unless he's twelve.' Child labor regulations were conspicuously posted in the mill in Birmingham, Alabama

    This photograph captures a young girl working on artificial flower petals. She was 'goffering' rose petals in 1905

    This photo shows a little spinner in Globe Cotton Mill in Augusta, Georgia. The overseer at the mill admitted that she was regularly employed 

    Little Jennie was just 51 inches tall when this photograph was taken in December of 1908. Jennie was one of thousands of children forced into manual labor in the early 20th century

    This photograph captures the tragic face of a 14-year-old Italian girl who was forced to work in a paper factory in 1913

    This photograph was taken in November of 1910 and shows a young boy who worked in a cotton mill. It is unknown his name or how old he is

    This image captures a young girl working in a factory. She was one of the many victims of forced labor in the early 20th century

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