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The Many Different Looks of Woman From Around the World in 1900-1910 (32 Pics)

A French model.
A Tamil Girl from Ceylon.
A Japanese girl in traditional clothing and makeup.
Russian opera singer Makarova.

An Algerian dancer.

Vesta Tilley who was an English music hall performer.
A Japanese female warrior.
Sisters from the Philippines.
Carolina "La Belle" Ortega who was a Spanish dancer, courtesan and actress.
A Vietnamese woman in traditional clothes.
A Tonkin woman.
Prussian Princess Victoria Louis.
A Tamil girl.

Model M. Thermonde.
A Burmese dancing girl.
Émilie Marie Bouchaud aka "Polaire" who was also French singer and actress.
A Japanese girl in traditional clothes and makeup.
A North African Arab girl known as a Benduin.

A Geisha.
A Cambodian woman.

Luzon woman from the Philippines.
A Gypsy girl.
Lily Elsie who was an English singer and actress.
A Nepaly woman.
Queen Mary of Romania.
A French model.

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