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This Man’s Last Message To His Friend Before The Las Vegas Shooting Will Change The Way You Treat Others (8 Pics)

You’ve probably been told at least a hundred times throughout life to always tell your family and friends that you love them, because you never know when those could be your last words to them. Well, if you’ve ever doubted that life really can change in an instant, this post will drive the point home once and for all.
Yesterday, a man uploaded a text conversation he shared with a friend on Friday, September 29th, two days before she and her husband were due to attend the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. After the festival became the site of America’s deadliest mass shooting in history, the man rushed to his phone, and realized what the last text he had sent to his friend was. “I almost made a huge mistake,” he captioned the shared screenshots.

A man just uploaded this conversation with his friend who was on her way to Vegas just before the shooting

“What could have been the last message I ever sent one of my best friends,” he captioned the screenshot

Thankfully, his friend survived, but his post stands to drive home the following important point:

Other users, some strongly identifying with his story, backed him up

“Tell your friends you love them. I almost made a huge mistake”

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