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Turns Out, UPS Drivers Have A Facebook Group About Dogs They Meet On Their Routes, And It Will Make Your Day (27 Pics)

If you’re a postal worker, the best part of your day is probably your customers’ dogs. You look forward to their wagging tales and warm greetings whenever you pull up in their owner’s driveway, and you always have a treat ready for them. UPS driver Sean McCarren knows this all too well, and has created the best Facebook group ever to pay tribute to the furry friends that make daily routes a heck of a lot happier.
UPS Dogs is a nation-wide network of canine-loving ‘big brown truck’ drivers who post pictures of the pups they become acquainted with along their delivery schedule. Some of them have known their clients’ dogs for years, and have worked out complex treat-exchange systems with them. The group has been going strong for 5 years now, and is still moderated by McCarren himself. “It’s a good example of the relationships our employees build with their customers, two- or four-legged,” a UPS spokesperson told Buzzfeed News.
Scroll down to see a few ‘UPS Dogs’ that we wish we could package up and deliver to our doorstep, and be sure to follow the official page using the link below!
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Meet Sean McCarren, a UPS driver who started a truly special Facebook group for dog-loving postal workers

UPS Dogs is a network of UPS employees across the US who post photos of the dogs they meet along their route

Some of their customers’ canines have been their loyal friends for years, and eagerly await their deliveries

McCarren has moderated the group for 5 years now, but the page’s photos are completely crowdsourced

Though the page isn’t affiliated with UPS, a company spokesperson has commented on it to Buzzfeed News

“It’s a good example of the relationships our employees build with their customers, two- or four-legged”

“I know my customers pretty well, but I know their dogs even better,” said employee Jeff Skender

“This is one of the very best parts of my job… to be greeted so happily by unconditional love”

Don’t worry – cats get lots of UPS love, too

These pups are so precious, we want to box them up and have them delivered to our doorstep

The Internet is absolutely full of joy after finding out about this heartwarming community

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