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American woman bursts into tears after a neighbor shot her pet pit bull 'because it ran around inside their house' in heartbreaking video

This is the shocking moment a man left his dog owner neighbour in tears after shooting her pitbull dead.
The distressing confrontation has surfaced on YouTube and shows a woman in a pink hat weeping over her dog which appears to be called 'Zeus'.
She claims the dog must have slipped out of his chains while she was at work and that he approached her neighbour's home 'with his tail wagging'.
A man who apparently shot the dog apologises but says it "came at me".
"I had to, he came in the house, he came after me, I'm sorry," the man said.
The distraught woman screams "my baby, my baby" and tries to enter her neighbour's house but is restrained.
It's not clear where the incident took place but it is believed to be somewhere in the US.

The clip was uploaded with the title 'My dad killed a pitbull with his glock'.
The breed is illegal in dozens of states.
Killing a dog if it is posing a threat to life or property is generally legal in the US but otherwise the shooter could face animal cruelty charges.

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