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Dramatic moment off-duty policeman shoots dead two gunmen as they rob a pharmacy by blasting his pistol with one hand while clutching his BABY boy in the other (4 Pics)

An off-duty police officer gunned down two robbers as he held his baby boy under one arm.
Shocking CCTV shows Sergeant Rafael Souza in a pharmacy with his wife and little boy when the gunman started their raid.
The armed cop and his family were browsing medicine in the 'Bifarma' store in central Campo Limpo Paulista, Brazil on Saturday afternoon.
Dramatic video caught Mr Souza running backwards while clutching his baby and firing three times at the robbers, who were just out of shot of the camera.
Witnesses said the hooded raiders had rushed in and attempted to rob to the shop while Mr Souza's wife was talking to the clerk.
According to Mr Souza he identified himself as a police officer.
He then whipped out his gun with one hand while cradling his baby boy with the other.
After threatening the assailants with arrest, the officer claims one of the men, named locally as 24-year-old Jefferson Alves, pointed a gun at him.
The 49th Metropolitan Battalion cop said he believed he and his son were going to be shot and immediately fired his gun first.
Alves was hit at point blank range and Mr Souza then chased down the other assailant.
The 25-second-clip ends with the officer handing the tiny child over to his wife.
Both men died at the scene before ambulances arrived, reports Globo .

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