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Sylvester Stallone accused of forcing 16-year old teen into a different kind of ‘action’ on set (13 Pics)

How Sylvester Stallone was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old fan: Police report reveals girl claimed star made her give him and his bodyguard oral sex and threatened they would 'beat her head in' if she ever told 
Another incident of a Hollywood A-lister being accused of sexual assault has surfaced in a bombshell report.
Sylvester Stallone reportedly assaulted a teen fan in is hotel room in the 1980s when he was filming a movie in Las Vegas, according to a police report obtained by DailyMail.com.
The unnamed 16 year-old girl had told Las Vegas police about feeling “intimidated” in the encounter with the then 40 year-old actor and his bodyguard, Mike De Luca, in July 1986 at the former Las Vegas Hilton hotel.

According to the DailyMail:
The 16-year-old claimed she had sex with Stallone and he encouraged De Luca to join them. At that point she became “very uncomfortable” with the encounter but felt she had “no choice”.
De Luca then forced the teenager to perform oral sex on him before penetrating her, while Stallone made her give him oral sex, according to the police report.
Retired Las Vegas metro police department detective sergeant John Samolovitch, who was head of the sexual assault unit at the time, confirmed to DailyMail.com “the copy of the police report is in fact a true copy of the original report.”
Police tracked down the young girl after a phone call from a hotel employee.
She confirmed to police that she had stayed with her family at the hotel at the same time Stallone, now 71, was filming for his movie, “Over the Top.” After meeting another actor filming, she eventually was introduced to Stallone and got his autograph, telling him her age when he asked her.
When she asked him for a kiss on the cheek, he allegedly “replied that he would give her a kiss at a later date, that she would not forget’, according to the police report.
The teen returned the next day for another autograph and spoke with De Luca, who was 27 at the time. De Luca died in 2013 after being shot by California police during a traffic stop, according the DailyMail.
The bodyguard gave the minor two keys for a room on the 27th floor of the hotel and told her to go there immediately. Once in the room, the teen claimed she and Stallone undressed and began to have sex in the bedroom while De Luca waited in the bathroom.
The star then asked the girl if she had ever had sex with two men at the same time, before going to get his bodyguard, according to the report. The minor told police De Luca “forced” her to give him oral sex and then penetrated her as she was made to give Stallone oral sex as well.
She admitted being “very uncomfortable” when the bodyguard got involved but told police she felt she had “no choice” in the sexual encounter, the DailyMail reported.
The teen had been afraid to tell anyone about what had happened, claiming the star had threatened her.
“Stallone made the comment that they were both married men and that she could not tell anybody about the incident and if she did, that they would have to beat her head in,” and the two men “laughed after he made the comment,” according to the report.
The teen never prosecuted the actor or his bodyguard.
“I’m kind of scared and I’m very ashamed. I don’t want anybody else to have that happen to them, but I don’t want to prosecute. I cannot talk about this anymore, please leave me alone,” she told police, according to the report.
Stallone now joins the ranks of several celebrities accused of sexual harassment or assault following allegations against Harvey Weinstein that brought other victims forward who claim to have had encounters with Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. and others.
A representative for the superstar did not return requests for comment from DailyMail.

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