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Images from the World Wars you didn't know you are yet to see (50 Pics)

Tail gunner of a British Lancaster bomber during WWII
Women war correspondents working in the European Theater of Operations, Feb. 1, 1943.
British trench and soldier. The relentless mud and muck in the bottom of the trench cause much grief for the soldiers who were told to keep their boots dry to avoid becoming infected with trench foot.
Russia 1943. Helmets were good for pistol shots, but rifle bullets were a whole other deal.
Minister of the cabinet and Hitlers personal architect Albert Speer rests on a doorstep after refusing to carry out decree from Hitler to destroy all German infrastructure to prevent the allies from using it during the invasion of Germany. 
He served 20 years in prison and was known as “the Nazi who said sorry”
Young soviet soldier with CH-42 armor - Karelian Front 1944
German civilians are forced to walk past bodies of 30 Jewish women starved to death by German SS troops
Russian soldiers in Berlin 1945
Inside B-17 Flying Fortress
Tuskegee Airmen: Gunner waistgunner on a B25 WW II
German soldiers watch for enemy soviet snipers ww2
Dog-drawn gun carriages, 1914.
Navigator at his table.
British Army officers pose next to projectiles fired by the "Dora" railway gun. Dora and its sibling "Gustav" were 80 cm guns developed in the late 1930s by Krupp as siege artillery for the purpose of destroying the French Maginot Line fortifications.
Beam gunners inside a Handley Page Halifax. Because of the large gunport openings, the interior of the Halifax could become numbingly cold, especially at 20,000 feet. Gunners wore special electrically heated flight suits which were plugged directly into the aircraft's electrical system.
Pfc. Julian H. Patrick lies dead in the driver's hatch of his M4A1 Sherman after it was knocked out during fighting in Cologne, Germany. 6 March 1945.
Wounded German officer, still barking out orders.
The Loyal Dogs Who Served Alongside Human Soldiers In War A U.S. Marine chats with his scouting dog in Guam in August 1944. These dogs were used to track down Japanese soldiers hidden in caves or jungle strongholds, and for running messages.
Too much 29th. We need The Batman now...
World War II search lights in British Regiment - Luftwaffe Blitz of London, 1940.
Normandy June 1944
Russian KV-1 tank - destroyed WW II
Badly Wounded German Soldier With His Arm Shot Away.
Airedale veterans from World War I.
Wounded Soviet infantrymen on a tank, T-34-85 in Berlin, may 1945.
Shaking hands with his master, Lt. Clifford Wilcox, is "Wolf", Austrian Shepherd dog "liberated" by Wilcox when his outfit occupied Hallein, near Salzburg in Austria. 1946
Berlin 1945
Two Dutch kids get some much needed food from an allied soldier (Jan 1st, 1945)
Austro-Hungarian gunner in action with a MG-07/12, World War I
World War One 220 mm German shell unexploded Somme 1916
1944- Member of a U.S. infantry unit pushing into Burma fits his war dog with custom made shoes for hikes over rough jungle terrain.
Red Army soldiers sit on the ruins of the German Reich Chancellery in Berlin looking through boxes of German medals that would never be awarded following the Battle of Berlin
An American infantryman picks up a wounded German soldier on the road to St. Lo, France, and helps him into a half-track.
A freed prisoner beating a German camp guard at the liberated Dachau Concentration Camp in 1945.
Rip, 1941. Rip was a search and rescue dog who found one hundred victims of air raids in London between 1940 and 1941. He received the Dickin Medal for bravery in 1945.
A wedding is performed in a bombed church in London during World War II.
A Polish man embraces an Allied soldier, kissing his cheek, after being liberated from a Nazi forced labor camp in Germany during World War II.
An American soldier gives a drink of water to a wounded German prisoner lying on a stretcher somewhere in the Normandy, on June 19, 1944
Children climb up to reach the chocolate ration proffered by the jeep driver, France, 1944,
A little French girl finds three admirers from the ranks of American forces Normandy, France on June 22, 1944.
Vienna World War 1945
1943 An American soldier shares his rations with two hungry Italian waifs.
U.S. soldiers care for a Filipino infant who had suffered from bayonet wounds to the face by retreating Japanese forces during the Battle of Leyte. Philippines. November 1944.
An American soldier with war orphans ‘adopted’ by his unit, London, 1943
Civilians from Weimar forced to view the bodies at Buchenwald
American soldiers treating a wounded dog, 1944, World War II Pacific.
A group of French teenage girls hugs a soldier during the liberation of Paris, France, from German occupation during World War II.
Adolf Hitler with a bird on his shoulder

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