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Incredible restored pictures of US presidents, Civil War soldiers and a Native American tribe offer a never-before-seen insight into the past (26 Pics)

These incredible restored pictures offer a unique never-before-seen insight into the past.
A photoshop expert painstakingly restored the images, which were taken in the mid-to-late 19th century and early 20th century. 

The restored images are the work of 53-year-old Austrian artist Mario Unger.

This amazing image captures a meeting between President Abraham Lincoln and Union General George B McClellan in a tent at the height of the American Civil War. The the restored image above brings the scene to life in glorious colour. Both men can be seen clearly and the flag of the United States is seen draped on a table while the Confederate flag lies on the floor

James Buchanan, the 15th president of the United States, stood for a portrait between 1857-61. The original image has a tear in the bottom corner and has no colours. Above , President Buchanan is brought to life. He is seen wearing a dark suit and standing next to a red chair while his right hand rests on a book

This is a picture of a man named K.C Holt and was taken in 1890. The original image is badly damaged, with black marks covering much of the image. Above, the restored version shows the man dressed in a smart navy blue jacket and a waistcoat. A gold chain hangs near his clasped hands 

These women, known only as Mrs F. Colley and Mrs C.M. Bell, were photographed in 1901. The black and white image appears to be stained. Above, the retouched picture brings the scene to life. The women's black furs gleam and it appears as if they are holding leather purses

Officers of the 3rd and 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry of the Union army pose at the Westover Landing, Virginia, during the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. The picture on the above shows the men, wearing blue uniforms, sharing a drink. One officer lies on the floor pouring the contents of a bottle into a glass while the others watch on

This is a portrait of a Mrs T.M. Heffner and was taken in 1900. The original image is faded and stained around the edges. But above, the restored version shows Mrs Heffner's bright green dress in eye-popping detail. Her brilliant golden jewellery appears to glimmer under the camera's lense

Soldier Joseph Dore posed for a portrait in 1862. The original image is badly damaged and in poor condition. But the image above has been fully restored in colour. Dore is wearing a blue uniform with what appear to be brass buttons. He is carrying a brown bag on his back and leaning on a rifle with a bayonet on the end

These Ponca Indians were photographed in 1865. Men and women from the Midwestern Native American tribe are seen holding axes while they pose for a picture. The colour image shows the the vibrancy of the Indians' clothes. One of the men is wearing a headdress while some of the others have a feather in their hair

The black and white version of the Ponca Indians picture is badly damaged and in poor condition. Marks near to the top of the image obscure the faces of two of the men

This is a portrait of American photographer CM Bell, taken around 1890. Bell was known for his portraits of Native Americans and other figures in the United States in the late 19th century. The restored image reveals Bell was wearing a light green overcoat, a navy blue jacket and a purple tie. Bell was holding a cigar for the portait

This is a photograph of an unknown old man, thought to have been taken in the United States around 1890. The original image is black and white and stained on the left-hand side. The restored version shows the bearded sunject wearing a green coat

A couple posed for a picture under a tree in Texas in 1905. The picture  is damaged, obscuring the lady holding an umbrella to shelter the couple from the sun. The restored image shows the young man wearing a blue shirt with a light tie and green trousers. Both women are wearing white dresses

Photographer C.M. Bell's daughter posed for a picture in 1890. It is not known where the picture was taken or how old she was at the time. The restored version shows her standing in front of a red background while leaning on a red table. She is wearing a white dress and bonnet and has bright blue eyes

An unknown woman was photographed in 1890. The original image is heavily damaged but the restored version brings her back to life. She is wearing a green coat with a purple necktie on a white shirt

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