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New York terror truck driver pledged allegiance to ISIS: Uzbek man, 29, who killed eight and injured 15 with his vehicle while shouting Allahu Akbar near Ground Zero left behind notes and a flag (44 Pics)

Police insiders say Uzbek man Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29, is the terrorist who killed civilians Tuesday

  • Eight people are dead and 15 people have been injured after he drove for a mile down a bike path

  • He immigrated to the US in 2010 and has lived in Ohio and Florida, and currently resides in New Jersey

  • Saipov has two trucking companies registered under his name, and also worked as an Uber driver

  • One man who knew him said he was very friendly and good with kids, but feared having his photo taken 

  • Saipov allegedly mounted West Side Highway bike path at 3.05pm on Tuesday at Houston Street

  • He then continued southbound for 17 blocks, mowing down pedestrians, runners and cyclists, cops said

  • Only when he crashed into a school bus at Chambers Street did he stop; two kids were hurt, one critically

  • The man was then seen brandishing two fake guns before being shot in the stomach by an NYPD officer

  • He survived and is out of surgery. ISIS flags and notes pledging his allegiance were found in the truck he used

  • Police are investigating a Home Depot in Passaic where Saipov is believed to have rented the truck 

  • Sayfullo Saipov has been identified by police insiders as the man who ran down more than a dozen civilians in New York on Tuesday from Florida. He's said to be the man on the ground; the terrorist was shot in the stomach after leaving his truck

    Saipov  was allegedly seen moments before he was shot trying to flee the scene.

    The attacker (right) brandished two fake weapons - a pellet gun and a paint gun - after getting out of the truck, leading to him being shot

    Saidpov is reportedly seen here holding his two fake guns after climbing out of the Home Depot truck. He ran about a block south of the crash before being shot

    This is the rented Home Depot truck that plowed through cyclists and runners on the bicycle path. It only stopped when Saipov allegedly deliberately struck a schoolbus at an intersection

    The side of the bus crumpled in, collapsing onto the chairs - and children - inside. Two children and two adults were hospitalized after the crash. One of the children was in critical condition

    Shattered bicycles are seen here on the West Side Highway bike path where eight people were killed and at least 15 more injured. At least five of those who were killed had rented Citibikes before they were hit

    This Paterson, New Jersey apartment is believed to be registered to Saipov. Police said that a picture of an ISIS flag was found in his truck, as well as handwritten notes pledging allegiance to the so-called Islamic State

    Police were investigating this Home Depot in Passaic, New Jersey, where he's believed to have rented the truck. Saipov had ID linking him to Florida, but had most recently been living in Paterson, New Jersey, police claimed

    A vehicle is surrounded by a police perimeter in the parking lot of a Home Depot store in Passaic, New Jersey where authorities believe Saipov rented the truck used in the attack

    Police investigated this apartment building on Genesse Ave in Paterson, New Jersey, where the suspect is alleged to have lived prior to the attacks

    A police officer is seen here blocking off the road leading to the apartment where he's believed to live. It's unclear if anyone else lived in the Paterson apartment with Saipov

    The front of the Tampa, Florida apartment building that Saipov also listed as an address is pictured on Tuesday night


    Saipov was cited in Pennsylvania in 2015 for 'Max length of a single trailer' and pleaded guilty

    He paid the associated fines from the citation. He was also cited for a traffic violation in Missouri in 2016

    Five members of this group of Argentinian friends were killed when a terrorist ran them and others down in New York on Tuesday. The murdered men are Hernán Diego Mendoza (far left), Alejandro Damián Pagnucco (second from left), Ariel Erlij (third from left), Diego Enrique Angelini (second from right) and Hernán Ferruchi (third from right). A sixth friend, Martin Ludovico Marro (not pictured), was injured

    Ariel Erlij  was one of the Argentinians killed in the attack. He ran a steel mill in his home country, and had paid for the flights of several of his friends.

    Alejandro Pagnucco , believed to be pictured with his wife and children) was also killed

    Diego Enrique Angelini was also killed in the attack

    As was Hernán Diego Mendoza . The other man killed in the incident was Hernán Ferruchi. A sixth Argentinian victim, Martin Ludovico Marro, was hospitalized

    Marro (left, with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, center, and Marro's wife Mariana Dagatti, right, at a Republican fundraiser last week) is an immigrant scientist who has lived in Newton, Mass., for seven years

    Saipov turned on to the West Street bike track at Houston Street then drove for 17 blocks south. The pathway leads down towars Ground Zero. Saipov drove the full distance, only coming to a stop when he hit a school bus at Chambers Street

    The crash area is just seven blocks from Ground Zero and is a stone's throw from City Hall

    Saipov is pictured  in an arrest photo after he failed to pay a traffic citation in St. Charles County, Missouri 2016. 

    He was shot and wounded by Officer Ryan Nash , a five-year veteran of the NYPD

    Despite the day's terrifying events, New Yorkers still took to the streets to attend both Halloween parties and the annual Halloween Parade up 6th Avenue. The Freedom Tower can be seen in the back of the image

    Heavily armed police were on the scene to protect paraders and spectators - part of the city's ramped-up security in the wake of the attack. Heavy vehicles were also placed at entrances along the parade route to stop cars from busting through

    The annual parade attracts tens of thousands of people. In a press conference earlier in the evening, Mayor Bill De Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the city would refuse to cower in the face of terrorism

    President and First Lady Trump both shared their thoughts on the attack on Twitter 

    Saipov came to a stop by crashing into a school bus after plowing through others on the bike path. There were several children inside the bus; two were injured and one left in critical condition

    The driver eventually came to a stop beneath the Tribeca bridge at Chambers Street where he got out of the car and was shot. The car took with it a large amount of debris from the cycle path

    Cyclists are among the dead. Above, one victim lies beneath a sheet next to a crumpled Citibike after being hit 

    This is the scene at a bicycle path on the West Side Highway, which the driver raced down after veering off-road

    A woman is seen being treated by paramedics at the scene of the attack in Tribeca, downtown Manhattan, on Tuesday 

    An injured victim is taken to hospital after the attack on Tuesday afternoon. Eleven people are were injured in the attack and eight are dead

    An NYPD officer stands beside one of the bodies of the victims on the cycle path on Tuesday afternoon

    This is the chaotic scene at the site of the crash, after Saipov and his alleged victims were taken to hospital

    The truck came to a stop after crashing into a school bus at Chambers Street. It remains at the scene

    Parents nervously hurried their children away from the scene as police continued to work. The attack happened just as children were being let out for the day 

    A little girl cries as she is navigated away from the scene on Tuesday afternoon 

    A painful day': NYPD Commissioner James P. O'Neill (center) at a press conference at Police Plaza with Governor Andrew Cuomo (right) and Mayor Bill De Blasio (left) to speak about the attack 

    City officials said there would be an increased police presence across New York for the rest of the day and week 

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