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This Guy Found An Abandoned World War II Site And It's Super Creepy (41 Pics)

There's something undeniably creepy about old abandoned places of historic importance. Maybe its decades of horror movies and ghost stories, but it always feels like these places are haunted.

And in terms of historical creepiness, it doesn't get much more pregnant with spookery than forgotten military sites.
And this airstrip in Greenland explored by Imgur user CanadaSpeedoMan (I feel like I've learned so much about him just from that moniker) is one of those old-school creep-spots that just gives you the heebie jeebies. 
Here's how he describes the experience:
Just last week my wife and I had the opportunity to take part in a backcountry expedition to South East Greenland 
After days and miles and miles of trekking through the fjords, we arrived at the site of "Bluie East Two". It was EXTREMELY remote and pretty eerie to find that far away from civilization. 
This site was used to refuel planes traveling from the USA to Europe during the war 
The site could only be accessed by boat during several months of the year. Otherwise, it was completely inaccessible because of the sea ice 

Thousands upon thousands of barrels for fuel were left. Some still with fuel inside 
When they abandoned the air strip, it appears everything was left as is. 
The abandoned hangar 

The local Inuit people salvaged much of the usable material that could be transported by foot or with their small fishing boats 

A large furnace to power and heat the hangar 

(my wife crossing an old bridge) ALL the wood had to be brought in by boat. There are no trees in South East Greenland. Any driftwood found comes from Siberia 
The Air Strip 

Rock Moving Machines 
Heavy equipment used to build and maintain the air strip 

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