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Amazing Photos That Are worth Seeing at Least Once in a Lifetime

Traces of a monk who prayed 20 years at the same place
Pond, frozen whimsical geometric shapes
The iris of the human eye at close range
Fury thunderstorms in one photo
Ultraviolet Sun picture
Well Torah in Oregon. It is called the "gateway to the underworld."
Opal, inside which occurs if the dawn
Orion Nebula in the highest to date quality
Extreme kayaking in lava. Hawaii
The shadows that cast clouds on Earth
Temple in Kyoto, Japan. After snowfall
Lighted fire bird on a background of smoke
It looks like an eclipse from space
Fukang meteorite - a precious gift of the universe. He was already 4.5 billion years old
Hyperion - the tallest tree in the world. His height - 115.6 meters, and the estimated age - about 800 years
Turtle riding on the jellyfish

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