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'Enjoy living vicariously through these photos of my dinner!' College student gives a play-by-play of her $600 meal for ONE while dining at one of the most expensive restaurants in America (20 Pics)

  • Saison in San Francisco is the most expensive restaurant in California and second most expensive restaurant in the United States
  • An Australian college student who saves up her money to eat at the best restaurants documented her entire meal at the three Michelin star hot spot
  • The $600 meal-for-one includes a 22-course menu but no wine

  • First: When she sat down, she was served tea that was made with fresh Douglas fir, yarrow, chamomile, lemon balm, anise and hyssop and seeped in hot Meyer lemon water 

    Second: Next up, was baby spinach and roasted kelp prepared with clarified butter and topped with proprietary caviar

    Next: After the kelp and spinach dish, she was served turbot fish two ways - sashimi style and grilled with soy glaze

    Still going: Following the turbot fish, she was given geoduck, a species of very large, saltwater clam

    Next course: A fresh sea urchin dish was delivered on grilled bread and she said it was 'hands down' her 'favorite course'

    Radish: After the fish,she was given a radish dish that featured a radish jelly vinegar reduction and cubes of marinated radish

    Pumpkin: Served three different ways, the next dish was roasted pumpkin. The first option was roasted pumpkin topped with octopus flakes (pictured) 

    Other ways: The second preparation was pumpkin slow roasted for hours with buttermilk cream

    Third,  was a pumpkin puree in cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil

    Meat: Antelope was served with stuffed radicchio, herb salad, and biscuits

    Antelope: The meat  was sourced from a ranch in Texas,

    An antelope bone broth with sage was also served

    Dessert: For dessert, smoked ice cream with 'life-changing salted caramel' was served 

    Sides: Accompanying the ice cream, was an assortment of candied toppings including walnuts, peanuts, cacao nibs and pine nuts

    Creamsicle: After the ice cream, an orange buttermilk creamsicle was served in the actual fruit with candied oranges at the bottom

    For liquor fans: Her third dessert was brandy macerated blueberries topped with blueberry sorbet and more brandy

    Trick: She said the Saison 'Snickers' bar is an off-menu item topped with 24K gold that comes if you 'befriend the right waiter'

    Present: On her way out, she was given a swag bag full of different treats, including a fancy wax-sealed copy of the menu for memories

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