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Hitler's Rise to power (36 Pics)

Adolf Hitler salutes leaders of the Legion Condor, German Luftwaffe troops who fought alongside Spanish Nationalist troops in the Spanish Civil war, during a rally held in their honor upon their return.

Germany. June 6, 1939.
Adolf Hitler salutes during the 1938 Annual Reich Party Congress.

Nuremburg, Germany, September 1938.
Adolf Hitler, accompanied by other Nazi party officials, walks down a staircase at the 1938 Annual Reich Party Congress.

Nuremburg, Germany, September 1938.
A young woman in the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia places swastika flags around a portrait of Adolf Hitler in anticipation of the arrival of German troops.

September 30, 1938.
A match seller crouches on the ground during the economic crisis in the Weimar Republic.

Punitive postwar measures imposed upon Germany by the Allies helped push the country into an economic collapse that would lay the groundwork for the rise of Hitler.

Germany. 1928.
German World War I amputee begs for money on the street.

Many German veterans were forgotten after their war, their lives in shambles, allowing a man like Hitler, a man promising change and revitalization, to take power.

Men and boys wait in line at a postwar German soup kitchen in a market hall in Berlin.

Homelessness reached alarming heights amid the postwar economic collapse.

Kids march in a German Communist Party demonstration in Berlin.

As poverty rose in postwar Germany, many turned to communism as a possible solution.

May 1, 1925.
Hungry children gather around a soldier ladling hot food at an outdoor soup kitchen.

Germany. 1918.
People at a crowded dormitory of a lodging house for the homeless in Berlin.

A crowd of 40,000 people watch the burning of "un-German" books by authors not considered to conform to Nazi ideology at the Opernplatz in Berlin. The burning was organized by the German Student Association and the crowd was addressed by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

May 10, 1933.
Hitler and his Sturmabteilung paramilitary group lead a massive rally of supporters.

The Sturmabteilung, today often called the "Brownshirts," would serve as hired thugs for the Nazi Party, keeping their rallies safe and disrupting the rallies of other parties.

Nuremberg, Germany. Circa 1928.
Adolf Hitler observes a Nazi parade.

Germany. 1930.
Adolf Hitler returns the salutes of a crowd of children who surround him at a rally.

Germany. Circa 1930s.
Nazis place a sign on the window of a Jewish-owned store encouraging Germans to not shop there.

As conditions, economically speaking in particular, grew dire in postwar Germany, many people (especially the Nazis) began to use Jews as a scapegoat.

Berlin. April 1933.
Adolf Hitler and Nazi Party representatives pose together for a photograph while planning their election campaign.

Munich. December 1930.
Adolf Hitler salutes his supporters as he drives down the streets of Berlin, celebrating his intention to run in the German presidential election.

February 1932.
Hitler's paramilitary "Brownshirts" sit down with a farmer and his wife and try to persuade them to vote Nazi.

Mecklenburger, Germany. June 21, 1932.
A man steps out of a polling station, having cast his vote in the election that would officially bring the Nazis to power. Behind him, a man holds up a poster with Hitler's face.

Berlin. March 13, 1932.
Party members at Nazi headquarters court voters by passing out balloons with tiny swastikas.

Berlin. 1932.
Newly-appointed Chancellor Adolf Hitler, at the window of the chancellery, waves at his supporters.

Berlin. January 30, 1933.
Nazi supporters march in celebration after hearing that Hitler has been appointed Chancellor of Germany.

Berlin. January 30, 1933.
25,000 people stand in the arena before Adolf Hitler and his associates during the Nazi Party Congress.

Nuremberg, Germany. 1934.
Adolf Hitler poses with young followers at a Hitler Youth gathering in 1935.
Adolf Hitler and Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach (to Hitler's left) arrive at the stadium in Nuremberg for a Hitler Youth rally in 1934.
Adolf Hitler sits with a large group of Hitler Youth members at the Nazi Party national headquarters in Munich.

Circa 1935.
Adolf Hitler shakes hands with Hitler Youth member Harald Quandt, stepson of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

Berlin. 1936.
A little girl attaches a bunch of flowers to a flag with a swastika on it held by a member of a local branch of the Nazi Party.

Germany. 1935.
15,000 people perform synchronized gymnastics at the Nuremberg Rally.

Germany. 1938.
A large model of the German eagle, carrying a laurel wreath and swastika, passes by Hitler after he opened a Nazi art exhibition in Munich.

July 12, 1938.
Crowds gather on the streets of Berlin as Germany hosts the XI Olympic Games in August of 1936.
Hitler signs the Munich Agreement, permitting Germany' annexation of Czechoslovakia.

September 30, 1938.
Hitler poses with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain (left) and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini (right) following the Munich Agreement.

September 29, 1938.
A massive crowd attends Hitler Youth Day during one of the Nuremberg Nazi Party rallies.
The massive crowd of supporters that came out to see the Nazi Party leaders speak, seen from above.

Berlin. April 4, 1932.
Adolf Hitler ascends the steps at Buckeberg hill near the town of Hamelin, flanked by banner-carrying storm troopers who display the Nazi swastika during a festival there.

October 1934.

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