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Unseen Meghan: Incredible collection of 50 intimate snaps of Miss Markle from age five to 30 by her best friend tells the real story of Prince Harry's wife-to-be (50 Pics)

This incredible collection of 50 unseen photographs tells the story of the real Meghan Markle - charting her life from her early school days and college years through to her first wedding.

The exclusive photos of the girl who would become Prince Harry's fiancee were shared by her childhood friend, Ninaki Priddy.

The girls were inseparable from their first days at Hollywood’s private Little Red School House, which they both joined at the age of two, before moving on together, aged 11, to the Immaculate Heart girls’ school, also in Los Angeles.

Note perfect: Meghan — aged five and already an actress — sings The Wheels On The Bus in 1986 at an end-of-year show at the private Little Red School House she went to in Hollywood

Little Meghan (pictured, far right) attended the school, in Los Angeles, from the aged of two until 11

This incredible collection of unseen photographs tells the story of the real Meghan Markle - charting her life from her early school days and college years through to her first wedding. She is pictured third from right

Clowning around: At her schoolfriend Ninaki Priddy’s ninth birthday party. A children’s entertainer helps the girls with face painting

Meghan and Ninaki enjoy a roller-skating trip together circa 1994 when they would have been aged around 13. This collection of candid photos was shared by Ninaki

Pretty in pink: The pair at Ninaki's ninth birthday party in 1990 at her home in Los Angeles

Meghan and her best friend are seen hanging out together in LA in 1991, at the age of ten

Alongside Ninaki, another friend, and actor David Faustino on the set of US television show Married... With Children in 1991

Starstruck: Meghan’s dad, Tom, was a lighting director on the TV series Married... (Pictured with actor Ted McGinley)

Young Meghan is seen here with another member of the show's cast, Amanda Bearse

At primary school graduation, at the age of 11, with Ninaki and a teacher from Little Red School House in 1992

Inspirational: At her junior school graduation dinner, Meghan, 12, poses with Debbie Wehbe, her headmistress at the Little Red School House in Hollywood

Miss Markle  is seen above with friends in her mother Doria's garden in Los Angeles around 1993, aged approximately 12

Larking around with with school friends at all-girls' school Immaculate Heart High in LA circa 1993

Look who’s in London: It’s 1996 and Meghan, 15, and Ninaki pose in front of Buckingham Palace during a European trip with her friend’s family

Chilling out: Drenched after a rainy day of sightseeing in London, Meghan poses at her Kensington hotel during her Europe tour — today, she and Prince Harry live just a stone’s throw away

Swiss sparklers: During their European tour Meghan (left) and Ninaki made the most of a visit to a diamond house

Alongside Ninaki, at the Louvre in Paris during a European trip with Ninaki's family in June 1996

Bath, during their summer vacation
Just visiting? With Ninaki at a historic touristic site in Bath in June 1996

Together, Meghan and Ninaki shared their secrets and their dreams as each of them set out to make their mark upon the world. (Above, in Bath)

Having fun with Ninaki and other school friends after their High School Christmas dance in 1998, at the age of 17

Teenage queen: Meghan at her prom night after she and Ninaki graduated from high school in LA

Best friend Ninaki Priddy and another friend all dressed up for the High School prom at Immaculate Heart in 1999

Meghan’s date for the night was fellow student Gian Carlo (also pictured), but it was strictly platonic — they weren’t dating!

Meghan with her prom date and fellow students at Immaculate Heart when she was 17

Meghan sparkles in a beautiful white gown on prom night with her date for the occasion in 1999

Changing rooms: As a student at Northwestern University, Chicago, in 2003, Meghan gave her rented apartment a ‘Bollywood’ makeover, painting the walls bright colours. Before she left, she painted them white again

After Meghan left university, she and Ninaki drove back to LA via Colorado and stopped off at the Hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Meghan and Ninaki dressed to impress at Hotel Bellagio in 2003. Meghan chose the hotel because it featured in the George Clooney movie Ocean’s Eleven

On her roadtrip after graduating. Meghan had taken theatre and international relations as a double major at the Northwestern University School of Communication, Illinois

On her roadtrip, Meghan made a fun pit-stop at Keenesburg - the 'home of 500 happy people'

A roadside selfie with Ninaki in Colorado during their road trip from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2003

Stunning in sky blue: To celebrate graduating from Northwestern University in 2003, Meghan, 22, heads off for a night out in Chicago with her friends

What a lucky guy! Meghan strikes a pose with a handsome chap believed to be the maitre d’ of a bar

Meghan looks coy as she is photographed at a fast-food drive-through

No more exams! After years of studying, Meghan earned a joint BA in Theatre and International Relations

Here, Meghan and a friend keep the graduation party going in Chicago, in 2003

Heads together: Meghan with Ninaki (far right) and a fellow student in Chicago. ‘We were like Siamese twins... we did everything together,’ says Ninaki

Meghan would have been 22 when she enjoyed this night out on the town with her pals

Harry's future fiancee is seen here meeting up with Ninaki and a friend for brunch at Toast in LA in 2003

Meghan and Ninaki have fun at the photo booth at Soho House in Los Angeles in 2010

In the coming years, Meghan would become even more accustomed to cameras - starring on the world stage

Bring on the bling: While Meghan (left) made her name as a TV star in the hit legal TV show Suits, Ninaki (right) became a jewellery designer. Here they are four years ago enjoying a video call on a phone with friends

Meghan is seen with her suits co-star Rick Hoffman during the video call in Canada

Wedding guest of honour: Meghan and her mother, Doria, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica - for Meghan's wedding to producer Trevor Engelson in September 2011

Sunny smiles: Meghan with pal Ninaki (far left) and university friend Lindsay during her four-day wedding bash in Jamaica

Meghan and Trevor Engelson celebrate their 2011 wedding in Jamaica. Their busy, demanding careers led to a break-up after only two years

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