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A Jewish Photographer Buried These Photos So Nazis Wouldn’t Find Them, And They’ll Break Your Heart (63 Pics)

1940-1944: Portrait Of A Couple
1940: A Man Who Saved The Torah From The Rubble Of The Synagogue On Wolborska Street
1940-1944: A Boy Searching For Food
1940: A Man Walking In Winter In The Ruins Of The Synagogue On Wolborska Street (Destroyed By Germans In 1939)
1944: Food Pails And Dishes Left Behind By Ghetto Residents Who Had Been Deported To Death Camps
1940-1944: A Smiling Child
1940-1942: Woman With Her Child (Ghetto Policemen’s Family)
1945: Henryk Ross’ Excavating His Hidden Box Of Negatives And Documents From The Lodz Ghetto
1940-1944: Young Girl
1940-1944: Sign For Jewish Residential Area (“Jews. Entry Forbidden”)
1940-1942: Lodz Ghetto Prison At Czarnecki Street, A Rallying Point Before Deportation
1940-1944: A Wedding In The Ghetto
1940-1944: Deportation In Winter
1942: Children Being Transported To Chelmno Nad Nerem (Renamed Kulmhof) Death Camp
1940-1944: A Boy In A Doorway Swing
1940: Henryk Ross Photographing For Identification Cards, Jewish Administration, Department Of Statistics
1940: Baking Flat Bread
1940-1944: A Sick Man On The Ground
1940-1944: Woman Sitting In The Ruins Of The Synagogue On Wolborska Street, Destroyed By The Germans In 1939
1940-1944: Young Girl Among The Greenery
1940-1944: A Group Of Women With Sacks And Pails, Walking Past Synagogue Ruins Heading For Deportation
1940-1944: “Soup For Lunch” (Group Of Men Alongside Building Eating From Pails)
1942: Police With Woman Behind Barbed Wire At The Ghetto
1940-1944: Skulls And Bones On Ground
1940-1944: Children Looking Out The Window
1945: Three Men After Liberation By The Red Army
1942: Evacuation Of The Sick
1940-1944: A Nurse Feeding Children In An Orphanage
1940-1944: A Scarecrow With A Yellow Star Of David
1940-1944: Delivery Of Potatoes To The Ghetto
1940-1944: The Removal Of Feces In The Ghetto By Men And Women Workers
1944: A Mass Deportation Of Ghetto Residents
1940-1944: A Jewish Policeman With His Wife And Child In Marysin
1942: Men Hauling Cart For Bread Distribution
1940-1944: Babies Lying On Floor Mat, Probably In The Hospital Nursery
1940-1944: A Group Of Young Residents Standing In A Line
1942–1944: Lodz Ghetto Police Escorting Residents For Deportation
1940-1944: Man And A Boy Looking Out The Window
1940-1944: Portrait Of Stefania Schoenberg Posing In The Window
1940-1944: Two Young Women Observing The Bridge At Koscielyn Square, Crossing Zigerska Street
1940-1944: A Boy Walking In Front Of The Bridge Crossing Zigerska (The “Aryan”) Street
1940-1944: A Festive Occassion
1940-1944: A Performance Of ‘shoemaker Of Marysin’ In The Factory
1940-1944: Residents Sorting Belongings Left Behind After Deportation
1940-1944: Children In Pond Searching For Items To Salvage
1944: A Boy Walks Among A Crowd Of People Being Deported In Winter
1940-1944: Woman Posing With A Mail Truck
1940-1944: Ghetto Buildings
1940-1944: Nurse Holding Baby Before Surgery
1940-1944: Young Girls And Boys Working In A Workshop (“Ressort”) In The Ghetto(
1940-1944: A Woman Sewing In A Workshop (“Ressort”) In The Ghetto
1940-1944: Man Brushing Hide In The Leather Factory
1940-1944: Portrait Of Two Women
1940-1944: Youth Selling Goods On The Street
1940-1944: Delegation After Liberation
1940-1944: A Corpse Is Taken Away
1942: Ghetto Residents Held For Deportation
1940-1944: In The Bakery
1940-1944: Man Working In A Workshop (“Ressort”) In The Ghetto
1940-1944: Residents Sitting On The Street
1940-1944: Workers Breaking Rocks
1940-1944: Male Factory Worker Unloading Mattress Springs
1940-1944: Men Pulling Road Press

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